Sunday, January 16, 2005

YO! Here We GO! -- 1st Blog -- Its gonna stink! HA !

OK .. I will make sure it doesn't suck , but i m here without any pointers , as to what this BLOG thing is all about, so i m still figuring out where to begin. Should I begin with..ouch..... shit...this is the second mosquito which has bitten me in this week ,ha ha ha its dead now, i smashed it...i m! this probably the most mosquito infested time of my life, can you believe it I had never seen a single mosquito(mosqi) anywhere in my house, and now i feel they have swelled in number ok its a hyperbole(hyperbleee) , and there is only one person to blame for this the builder of my appartment thanks to his delayed construction of additional floors, acculmulation of construction stuff has invited the mosqi's for a party, but they cant escape the wrath,,, the wrath of sankoobaba, damn !!! got to go complete my assignment for tomorrow , and its not something i dig doin'' its called calculus.