Thursday, May 07, 2009


Its mid-week, and the pain is slowly subsiding.
No, I was not feeling pain of break-up. It was the pain of watching Arsenal loose to a good Manchester United team.
I am not a ManU fan, but I can never deny that they are a very talented team.
Yes, C.Ronaldo is a cry-baby but he is a skilled player. And the way Arsenal handled him, we deserved to lose.
Still I think this team has done quite well, considering the players in this team, their performances have been good not great.
Problem is only when you consider the history of Arsenal as a club that current performances are clearly under-par.
Everyone is expecting Arsene Wenger to get more quality players into the team, especially the defence. But I don't think we are getting to sign more than one or two players. Lets hope we don't sign players like Sylvester.
This tiff between movie makers and movie distributors has made me feel like a man without food and water in desert. Every week their fight goes on, I miss out on at least one good movie. And that is not a good thing.

----------------cool quote--------------------
"I've never met a genius. A genius to me is someone who does well at something he hates.
Anybody can do well at something he loves -- it's just a question of finding the subject."

Sunday, May 03, 2009


So many days have gone by and not many things have happened.
I have been sporting a clean shaven face since last week. Now this may not be an important fact, but it is quite interesting as last time I had a clean shave was way back in September. Not that I had not shaven since then, but never a clean shave. I only trimmed my beard, as I had been sporting a goatee/french beard variation. And by variation I mean ranging from modern french beard to the more retro handlebar beard (what a good friend calls biker look).
But I was tired of that look and wanted a change, and I have one, not really that cool, but a change it is. I have no idea how long I will be shaving everyday to maintain my look.

I tried the new fizz drink from ParleAgro, "Grappo Fizz". I liked it, it has nice taste, and nothing is overdone, be it the fizz or the grapes. Question remains if it can be gulped down in large quantities in one go, like many fizz drinks. And surely I am not going to find it out. Try it out! Its good.

Saw this movie, "30 days of night" a vampire movie, but not your typical one. Its very good, not perfect of course. But its better than many vampire movies I have seen. Still it can't compete with the Blade series, and anyway their basic permises are different. Now only "Underworld" is still unseen. hmmmm...

Need to stop now, have to go out and have some food. Adios! for now :)

p.s. I am contemplating another failed attempt to grow my hair(long) ...