Thursday, October 26, 2006

You have been tagged~~~~~

*You have been tagged. That is what authorities of Shanghai city will tell street dogs.
Alas! Dogs won’t understand a thing. On a saner note, basically, they are going to implant digital chips to identify all stray dogs.

*Students of Nanjing Agricultural University, in eastern china, have hit upon a ‘hatke’ idea. They have started a matchmaking agency so that other students can meet, get to know each other, and fall in love. And not only will it allow them to freely express their feelings and break up in a peaceful way. Will it work, time will tell.

I have noticed that some BEST buses have installed these little pink boxes (Hutch logo), I think they are Hutch bill payment boxes. Now that is a good thing for very busy people.

Would like to post more but I am running out of time……..bye bye….

It’s nearing November, and yet, in Mumbai, the early morning temperatures haven’t fallen, as they usually do, every year.
Man! The climate has been behaving wildly since last few years.

It is kind of late, but still, I hope you all have enjoyed the Diwali festival.

* these news items have been sourced from DNA.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Analysis of (Daily News Analysis).

Let us try something new.
We will do analysis of DNA (Daily News Analysis).
Basically, you will get to read my idiotic opinion on anything interesting I find in DNA.
For those who don’t know, DNA is an India daily, that I read.

Mumbai Waste Generators:
Sharad Vyas of DNA has found out that,
On a normal day, 6000 metric tonnes of waste is generated by Mumbai.
And during Diwali days, this figure goes up by 800 metric tonnes.
Believe it or not!

Good news for Mumbai:
Mumbai will get 300 Mega Watt of electricity from Kerala.
Why isn’t MSEB getting more power yaar?

Is it great news? At least sounds nice.
Chennai police will now have 100 Hyundai Accent cars.
They will come mounted with digicams, revolving lights, loudspeakers, fire extinguisher, hooters and handcuffs. Out of those 100, 25 will be distributed to the traffic police, and 75 will go to three law and order laws.

Intensive mobile use could make men infertile, says, Mr. Ashok Agrawal, the director of Reproductive Research Centre at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio.
The researchers believe the damage could be caused by the electro-magnetic radiation emitted by handsets or the heat they generate. Mobile may also increase temperature in the groin, if a man is wearing it on a belt or carrying it around in a pocket (of a jeans/trouser). Don’t get tense; just don’t put your mobile phone in the aforementioned places. You don’t really need to trust this news, but hey, being a little careful won’t do much harm.
Source: Indo-Asian News Service (London)

That is all for now….more soon….
Comments both nice and harsh are welcome,
Anybody got suggestions?

All news items have been sourced from DNA.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Long time, No post!!!!!!!!!

I had this wierd dream last night...
In the dream, I saw myself riding my new P-180,
on an deserted road, under a star-lit sky,
suddenly there was eye-blinding flash of light,
before I could react I saw myself staring,
at these alien beings, they were scrutinizing my pulsey,
suddenly all of them held their hands together and projected some kind of laser light from their eyes, after another flash of white light, I was drooling at a new p-180, I don't think was 180 cc anymore, it looked like a V-twin, quickly I noticed the mono-shocks....and as I was about to sit on it and turn the key,,,the damn alarm went off....nooooo...
Other news: Arsenal thrashed Reading could have been better...
Liverpool lost...a team with potential is now standing mid-table.
F1 season ends...Kimi raikkonen one of my favourite drivers will join Ferrari, and Alonso will move to McLaren. Now who will I support, because McLaren is my favourite team, I will support both, what the heck.
Adios Shumi, a great driver......
India will play the Windies on 26th .....who will win....I think India will win..
Diwali was fun, except for the ear-splitting fire crackers.
Bought a Pepe Jeans Jacket from Lifestyle, at R-Mall Mulund.
Going to use it while riding my *soon to be bought* bike
Read Bike magazine for the first time, its awesome.
Upgraded Yahoo messenger after a long time.
More updates soon....