Friday, August 04, 2006

A comeback or what!!

Should I call it a comeback, like it is done in sports?
Neverthless, I am back, after a brief haitus.
So here we go,
--The Intro
It will take a few more days till my home net connection starts.
Till then, I will have to make do with a cyber cafe.
But from now on,
I will try to put some readable matter, instead of just a list of 'what happened today'.
--The Intro Continued...
Soon, my MCA(distance learning course from Sikkim Manipal university) course will start.
Usually its a 3 yr course, but thanks to the fact that I am a CS grad,
I have lateral entry in the 3rd semester, thus saving a yr,
meaning I will complete the MCA course in 2 yrs.
--The Intro Ends...
It is quite interesting to note that at the beginning,
2 yrs will look like eternity,but if one just stops thinking about it,
days go in a breeze.
And by days, I remember its been many days and I still haven't filled the passport form.
Thursday night Zee Studio had this movie by the name:<13 conversations about one thing>
It is a nice movie, in an abstract sense. One of the few movie which will keep you thinking
hours after you have seen it.
It basically talks about one thing, happiness.
And what happiness means to different people in different contexts.
Nice movie, but don't watch it at night, you may find it hard to sleep quickly.
I intend to buy a small flash based mp3 player of around 512MB-1GB storage space,
I have shortlisted Transcend Sonic 610. Any suggestion?
On 2nd August I recieved my first salary, though it wasn't the first cheque in my name,
as a cheque given by JLT for my articles was the first one. Its nice to earn a few bucks
for the work I do.
I wouldn't say that I eat/sleep/drink programming.
But yes! the feeling which one gets after creating a software
is out of this world.
It is akin to giving life to something.
Maybe its akin to the feeling a mother gets when
she sees her new born baby playing around.
That is why I love what I am doing.
There is always frustration, when I am not getting the right output.
But it is anyway part and parcel of it.
Because I believe in the proverb,
Greater the difficulty, sweeter the result!
Tomorrow I am planning to take private tutions.
I would be teaching free of cost, my only fee will be a treat from the students
after the results are out.
These tutions will be for IT/CS subjects of 11th and 12th.
Since it is a start I am keeping it free,
slowly as the student strength grows and I am sure about my ability
to teach students, I will charge a nominal fee.
It is one tiny part of my huge dream.
One small step for Sanket, is one big leap for Sanket's dreams.