Saturday, June 24, 2006

One day to go before my first job!!!!!!

One day to go before my first job!!!!!! (is it, too much hype?)

It’s Sunday, and from Monday I will start working.

I am excited.

Anyway, Saturday was spent watching TV, surfing internet, cycling, reading dot net framework notes and playing midnight club 2.

I ate bhel-puri today.

That brings me to the topic of my favourite snacks.

Ragda-Pattice is favourite,

Followed by Bhel-Puri

Then Pani-Puri
Lastly Sev-Puri

These snacks are something I am crazy about.

Other snacks like samosas, vada pav, and batata bhaji are always there.

Mumbai may soon get its own metro rail, it would be cool, but how much its going to be helpful is altogether a different issue.

In thane, minimum rickshaw fares will soon fall from 11 to 9, that is music to my ears.

Germany took one step closer to their dream of lifting a fourth World Cup crown after the hosts defeated ten-man Sweden 2-0 here on Saturday to book their place in the quarter-final.

I have been trying to get in touch with old buddies through orkut.

I found the BEST website very useful in finding out bus details/route details, do check it out sometime.

Here is the url>

Fresh chapter

Lets us begin this fresh chapter with some good news.

I graduated in computer science on 31st May 2006, and since then I have spent days, experiencing how it feels to be unemployed.

Thinking I had enough of this, lady luck has decided to put me on the next level.

And voila! I am employed.

I will join Megasys India Private Ltd., and offshore unit of NetXert Inc., USA (!!!), as an IT consultant.

Isn’t it cool!!!!!!!!!

I am guilty!

I am guilty!

I have been a cold, heartless person.

I carelessly left my weblog all alone in this deep dark world of internet.

So to gain back all the lost faith, it’s pertinent that I make some commitment and hold on to it.

For the same purpose I have decided that, from today i.e. 23rd June 2006, I will update my weblog everyday.

It doesn’t look like a great trust building exercises, but I would prefer my actions to speak larger than words.