Saturday, March 21, 2009

not easy

I have started to perform the proverbial task of "moving on" which is not the easiest thing to do for someone who is known to be a bit over-emotional with the matter of love. But that does not mean I cannot write poems about it. And the reason is, I should be let it flow out, and get over with it, instead of bundling the thoughts inside me, and then explode. But you need not worry, its just a matter of time, that I would get back to my cheerful best, not that I am sad anymore.
Yesterday Arsenal won 3-1 against Newcastle, now fingers crossed for Liverpool to beat Aston Villa.
In cricket India won a test match, which is good news.
I spent 300 rupees to fix my cellphone problem. Keypad of my cellphone had gone haywire, reason being that I had dropped it in a tub of water. Though I had dried it out, it damaged something inside, and after two months that "something" gave me problems so I had to spend money to fix it. So now my cellphone is in better condition, and I will strive to keep it that way.
Nowadays my bicycle is in ride able condition, which is really good for me, because cycling helps keep my body and mind in a healthy state, only effort that I have to make is to avoid heavy traffic roads to save me from pollution problems. I am not much fan of pop music, but I do like a few songs by Dido and K.T. Tunstall. And I also miss songs by "The Doors", so will add them to my cellphone playlist for the week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I can write poems again!!!!!!...yeah!!!!


I want to forget you!
coz i love you!
I want to forget you!
coz you don't love me!

how can i get you out of my mind
if i think about u all the time
no choice but to ignore you
think that in my life there is no you

but when i do such things
it aches from within
aches all the time pain
my heart aches for you

but is there point in it
u don't want to be with me
u just want me to move on
but its not easy coz i loved you

Monday, March 16, 2009

back to back

From the inside I cry every moment,
to stop tears I think of our sweet moments.
Seems to me I lost a part of me,
which I found in me when I first met she.
Maybe someday the tears will recede,
but who will dry tears these.

Isn't it unusual that sometimes I don't blog at all.
And now I am bringing out back to back posts.
Well, it seems to me that I have got my writing fingers back! from wherever they have been.

Anyway I just don't miss Times Of India (TOI) anymore. I stopped my TOI subscription (its a newspaper!),

and started Hindustan Times (HT), and I am loving every bit of it. And of course, I still read DNA. The only

other newspaper that I miss is Indian Express, so I try to buy it when I have time to read it, especially on

weekends. And among that tabloids, Mid-day is far better than Mumbai Mirror.

Just Like That (JLT), a youth mag which I love to love, has stopped.
Yeah! stopped! all newspapers stalls say the same thing!!!
"Bandh Ho Gaya"
It's really a sad news, and I am starting to get dreams about JLT starting all over again.
Even in absence of JLT, I continue to hate JAM, which is really just another youth magazine.
And it is because of its incorrect/incomplete/irritating articles that I hate it more.
It should stop trying too hard, and just be what it was when it started out.
Maybe a change of editor would help. Anyway, JAM people may read this and make fun of me in their mag,

which may make me famous!!! Yay!!

Enough of this torture, lets try to write something worth reading.
hmmmmmmmmm. Now that is really difficult.

post after a long time

I liked it!
13-B .. the movie....
it's very good.....a supernatural thriller.....I feel like watching it again.....
Of course, things are never going great when you are listening to songs like She Hates Me (Artist:Puddle of Mud)
But then that is life, and one can always go nostalgic over the sweet memories.
And speaking of memories, it was very good experience to go on a bike ride after a long time.
Though I did not go for a really long ride, it felt good to be out on the open road with my bike and friends. Freedom!!!
There is nothing too much to post about the ride, it was a ride to roha, JP's native place where I accompanied him for their Holi celebrations. Its about 100-120 kms from Mumbai.
So winter never lasted and instead of warmth of March we have heat of May. Though I am not complaining, it seems unusual.
Would like to post more, but have to go have dinner.
See you soon!