Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Masala .. Housefull .. Strike .. Thoughts

Post Dated: 02 May 2010

I am sitting in shade on the terrace of my apartment as the May heat thaws assortment of red chilies left out to dry. Yeah I am in place of a scarecrow, to scare away, not just crows, but also pigeons and sparrows, or at least those curious enough to poke their beaks into the chilies.

The chilies are being dried for our well known “Malwani Masala” which we (mom/dad) make at home for “domestic consumption”. Yeah we do give some to friends and relatives. I just love it. I love spices, so much that sometimes I cant eat pizza without adding Tabasco sauce. Non spicy authentic pizza tastes good, but sometimes I miss the spice. All this food talk makes my stomach growl. Hungry!!!

Post Dated: 04 May 2010

Mumbai suburban railway motormen strike has finally been called off, ending hell for many. I ride bike to work so I was affected only by the increased road traffic due to non-operation of trains.

Also watched Housefull on Monday. 

A typical Sajjid-Akki flick.

Its a no-brainer comedy with a dash of emotions and stupidity. You may enjoy it once, but if you like movies like Hey-Babby, De-Dhan-Dhan, etc you may like it a lot.

Boman Irani very good but slightly over-the-top.

Arjun Rampal had a small part but was ok, his real test would be “Rajneeti”.

Among the girls, Deepika was enchanting; Lara kept up the oomph factor, while Jiah was sparsely used.

Randhir Kapoor seemed drunk or too-jolly throughout. Not a great comeback.

Akshay Kumar was solid as usual. He was funny and sensitive but within the boundaries of his movie character.

 A fun filled entertainer where there is negligible over acting. Critics will hate it, masses will love it. Just watch it to be entertained not to learn a life altering lesson. You decide.