Sunday, December 05, 2010

Back from a sabbatical

I have been staring at the PC screen, yet I am unable to think of a better starting line for this post. I guess I have to continue typing and see where this goes. Because someone once said, its not about the destination, but about the journey, that you should be enjoying.

Talking of journey, a short bike ride of 200 odd kms got canceled at the final moment, disturbing my mood for the weekend. But since my sister is back from Pune on break from here studies, weekend will be more tolerable. 

What I cannot tolerate is one office colleague calling SRK "bakwas actor". Now I am not claiming he is best actor in the whole world, he surely isn't the worst. Talking of movies, I hope at least one Akshay Kumar works, as I am starting to feel sympathetic towards his flopping movies. Yet I have no sympathy for Abhishek Bachchan who continues to work in one flop after another. 

What isn't remotely flop is Harry Potter and deathly hallow  Part 1. I really loved this movie a lot, and I am eager to watch the 2nd part. I really love the way in which director's interpret a book. It is not always same as the book, but its surely entertaining. 

Well, I have no idea how I have been able to type all these lines. Because I have got what people could call a blogger's block. I am just not able to write a invigorating blog post. And talking about refreshing, it is refreshing to know that Arsenal are back to winning ways. 

But the climate here has gone bonkers, it rains one any day without warning. Its so bad, people are calling it London weather. But the mood for me right now is French. Oh, yes ! I am mesmerized by Carla Bruni. 

Monday, October 25, 2010


Sometimes we think grass is greener on the other side, and we find out that it is really green, but not edible.

Sometimes I drink lots of cold water/fizz drinks/chilled juices and yet not have a bad throat. And one bowl of (bitter) dahi of dahi-wada makes my throat feel funny. 

Sometimes I get tired of listening to pop, or hip-hop but some retro hits of acts like Scorpions/Deep Purple never feel like overdose. 

Sometimes I think, most of the time I don't.

Are you wondering why I left this space blank???

Well I said, sometimes I just don't think. And I love it.

Spread the love. Not the kind of love that leads to breakups.

Ok, I will stop before the "devdas" in me, comes out with more negative cupid-killer quotes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

So may things going little can fingers type..


Watched "Taken", a french action film starring Liam Neeson. Enjoyed the thrills. Watch it!


I have been listening to DMX and Eminem after a long time, a welcome change from Scorpions, Metallica, and Marilyn Manson.


Had a filling lunch of yummy Palak-Paneer and Butter Naan. Loved it. When it becomes difficult to choose from a menu due to confusion, I go for palak-paneer. 


A bit dry and slightly chilly in the morning, a bit hot into the day sometimes, stuffy in the evening, cools down through the night. I forgot November is approaching. 


Lots of changes, lots of work, lots of decisions. 


Completed 500kms (only??). 


Arsenal best Birmingham 2-1 with goals from Marouane Chamakh and Samir Nasri, after being a goal down. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I have lost it!!

I have lost it. No, I am not talking about my virginity. I have lost my stamina for gluttony. I am aware of the fact that it is one of the so-called 7 deadly sins (Morgan Freeman,Brad Pitt movie). And reality is that I can't anymore eat plateloads of food without breaking a sweat (if it is a A/C room).

I am not sure I know the reason behind this loss of appetite. Earlier eating out with friends/family never saw food wasted due to over-ordering, as I was able to finish off everything, with my friends comparing my eating capacity to that of bike's fuel tank. 
Maybe it is because I have become flab conscious. Because even though I never became obese, I did gain weight, as compared to my skinny-look of college days. And now the target is always to eat less calories than what I consume. Neither do I work-out everyday nor I am a couch-potato. But of course, I have found that, eating less takes less effort than doing a rigorous physical work out. 
So maybe I do know why eat less, especially during late dinners with friends/families. Food intake is so less during these late hours, that sometimes a bowl of soup is enough for me. In spite of that I don't mess around with my breakfast and it is as filling as it is was. 
I guess eating less at the end of the day, isn't such a bad thing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Bike, ... Upgrade or Downgrade

That is Bajaj Pulsar 180, my first bike. I called it "Road Runner" Owned and enjoyed it from 2006 to 2010. Clocking more than 35,000 kms. And then sold it.

And bought this, Honda Twister.

Now those who are tuned in to bikes or automobiles in particular would have observed the clear downgrade in terms of CC (or cubic capacity) of the engine.

The trend is that people upgrade, usually from 100cc to 150 cc bike, from small car to big car, so forth and so on.

So not only I was breaking a trend, I was also making changes in my riding habits. Mainly in terms of power difference, and bike handling.

But technical issues and social trends aside. 

My old bike was giving problems, due to my heavy/rough riding and also it being my first bike, it had share of accidents/incidents.  While Bajaj haters would say Bajaj bikes are not reliable, I would say, a bike turns out how you maintain it. And my riding meant maintaining it was eating into my wallet already light due to low fuel efficiency. 

Then during my decision making, came the news the fuel prices were being deregulated. Which meant companies could change fuel rates whenever they wanted. Also Dad said buy a bike which he could ride as he found Pulsar too powerful. 

Finally I looked at bike magazines for opinions and buyer guide. And there, I saw pictures. Not of this bike, but of bike trips. 

I remembered the days when bike trips were more frequent. And reality was that my biker group had split and they had all moved on to not riding bikes to trip, instead renting a car or something. 

And with high maintenance and fuel costs, solo rides were not only expensive, but risky if bike broke down somewhere. 

And finally I wanted to experience a fuel efficient bike, the feeling of not having to visit the fuel station frequently.

Friends said, you will miss the power, I said, maybe I will. But at least I have experienced power. Not let me experience this.

And about viability of such low powered bikes for long trips was answered by people who have ridden minimum 500 kms in a day on 100-125 CC bikes, and not only that they have ridden such bikes in merciless terrain of Himalayas with sufficient luggage. 

But then there was a problem that fuel efficient bikes were not that good looking. Well that worry was wiped out by Honda Twister. 

So is it a downgrade or upgrade? I don't care, all I know its something different.

It has self start, so no kick-starting the bike. (Same as old bike)

Disc brakes, for accurate braking (again not a downgrade)

Tubeless tires (upgrade!!)

Most powerful engine in its class (same as old bike)

Maintenance free battery (again same)

Very good handler (they use it for racing in a championship in Chennai)

Dashing looks  and distinct color (same as old bike)

And it has the famed Honda reliability and a confident 5 year warranty on engine/gearbox/electricals.

Now that I have learnt from my mistakes, I have to be more careful with my bike. More than anything staying within limits of my skills.

And get on with the business of logging more kms, and visit some great places. 

So lets button start a new adventure on my yet unnamed bike. Suggestion for names are welcome

p.s. I had shortlisted different names like Shrek (its green), Poison Ivy, Green Day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Theo Walcott is on fire !! Hat-trick man!

Arsenal's hat-trick hero Theo Walcott celebrates.  

Arsenal shot 6 goals past 10-man Blackpool. 

It was joyous occasion for many Arsenal fans, including me, to see youngsters like Walcott, Chamakh, Diaby, Wilshere play well. But it wasn't just youngsters, but also players yet to show true potential like Rosicky, who has been out due to injuries, who showed why he is called good. 

And also Arshavin, whose performance in 1-1 draw with Liverpool was called uninspiring.  Other team regulars like Sagna, Clichy, Vermaelen were solid as usual. 

Song did well as center back. Well I could just say whole team played really well.  Now we just need to play with same consistency against other teams, who may not be this weak to allow 6 goals (except Wigan I guess who have conceded 10 goals in 2 games).

And finally score more goals than we conceded, its that simple, but not as simple as it looks.

Best wishes to Arsenal! Go Gunners! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why is it

Why is is that, after sporting a french beard (the kind Hans sported in Die Hard movie), you shave it off and my face seems empty.
It seems as if there was a painting and someone just removed it and now there is just a empty frame.
So to avoid emptiness I decided to leave a bit of facial hair in the form of goatee. I like to experiment with my look. It is interesting to note how perception of people towards you changes by addition/subtraction of beard or mustache.
So if I clear the mustache and keep a beard, mom says thats a muslim style. I furthur found out Amish people and some muslims actually do that.
Sometimes due to my french beard some people ask me if I am christian.
So its really funny how people are over enthusiastic to stereotype others.
Like if I say I listen to dido/nelly furtado, I am quickly stereotyped as a pop fan, and I am asked if I like Britney Spears. And this comes without realizing that I am not your typical music listener who listens to one genre of music. And my playlist has not only dido, but also BIG, Dre, Korn, Scorpions, Joe Satriani, Green Day, Indus Creed, Johnny Cash, Mohd. Rafi and many more music acts cutting across genres. My motivation to listen to different kinds of music is not only to appreciate and understand all music forms but also because I listen to different kinds of music according to my mood.
So if I am riding bike, I don't listen to heavy metal, as it makes me ride in rash manner, so its usually punk rock, as it is simple and doesnt take up too much concentration while riding.
If I need to lose some pent up energy then what is better than some air guitaring while listening to iron maiden or for that matter KISS.
When I need to listen to soothing voices its usually dido/nelly furtado/KT tunstall. And if I am really down then Mark Knoffler, Johnny Cash.
Then when I am walking through my childhood neighborhood, I listen to retro classics like Scorpions, Deep Purple, Doors.
When its time to move to a beat its usually some copied bollywood dance number or some crazy hip hop beat like JayZ.
When my mind is over run by english songs I playback some hindi songs that I like both old and new, from Mohd Rafi to Adnan Sami.
Now that doesn't make me a loyal fan of anything, and this doesn't even cover all the music acts that I love. Still I have just begun and there is a list of movies I love yet to come.
But I will stop and hope that people don't stop.
I hope people keep stereotyping me, there is more fun in making people think something you aren't. And then shocking them by doing something they didn't expect "my kind" to do.
Adios ! Amigo! gotta go to work!

p.s. pardon the spelling/grammatical mistakes, I haven't proof read it.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

when are you marrying

I see them everywhere
they are called happily married
together they find happiness
separated they are lonely
it scares me to the bone
I never knew I was paranoid
when people ask me many times
when are you tying the knot
I wonder if they seek my smile
or want to join them in pain
as they realized the bindings
of a clich├ęd heavenly match
for me its not a matter of hate
maybe it can be termed as fear
of being ruled by a tyrant
it may seem I am demonizing
a nice prospective bride
but once crowned wife
she will be lord of my life
laying down rules day-to-day
list of chores that overflows
sharing sovereign couch
conceding TV remote
and then watch in horror
as dark days descend on me
and filled with sarcasm
will run around asking
my friends when they marrying

p.s. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What I am doing, when I am not working

Nowadays I am too busy. Ok, not in the truest sense. But yeah, in a way. So I am busy watching Star Wars. Not one movie, all the 6 movies. Since I don't have luxury of time. I have only finished watching 3. So more to come. I have seen all the movies earlier, but I love Star Wars, so I am watching again.
This movie marathon has begun after I watched the "Alien" quadrology (4, out of which 2 are best).

Maybe I will put some reviews later, but not for now.

Oh! yes, one more thing, I am trying to see if I like any shows on Animax channel, but it is very difficult. Only one I saw was InuYasha, which wasn't exactly cool. Any tips for better shows on Animax.

So that's the movie/TV part, in music I am out of the contemporary music mode, and diving straight into 80's music, I agree KISS are not best of its era, but. I like their songs. After KISS, it will be Doors.

So take care guys, will be back with some decent post and not one-liner post like this.

This is Sankoo-Skywalker signing off. May the force be with you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Khatta Meetha : Movie Review

Let us first talk about the hatred of critics and "so-called" sophisticated moviegoers with regards to Akshay Kumar and his movies.

He never claims any of his movies to be life-changing movies with a social message or poignant dramas.

Still if they find out Akki's movie is comedy they go expecting Hera-Pheri.

If they know that it is action, they think they will get Die Hard.

If it is serious they think it will be a satritical/black comedy etc like RDB, rajneeti, dr strangelove.

If he does something different like Tasverr 8x10, they don't even bother to watch
and so on.

When in reality his movies are really simple, they try to entertain, banking on him, and trying to sell to people what they had liked in him.

Of course most of the aforementioned people dislike it.
They complain he doesn't experiment like Aamir Mamu, well since his efforts are never appreciated he doesn't mind the mindless entertainers.  At least, that way, he keeps getting paid and so do the film technicians and also the film critics. 

Well since I am not a critic, but just a movie lover. Lets not fall into same Akki-bashing routine.

Lets talk about Akki's latest movie.

It is khatta-meetha.

Its like eating noodles, as you slurp the noodles, it takes time for the long noodle to end up in your mouth, only then releasing true mix of taste. But not everyone likes noodles.

So in short its a mix of comedy-melodrama-social issue-action in typical Akki style.

Johnny lever in cameo is hilarious as usual.

Rajpal Yadav stay in character, plays it best in his style.

Akshay Kumar grips each scene and keeps you entertained.

Other good actors in different roles are competent and not sloppy.

Trisha Krishnan may not win too many fans due to her looks, but then her acting was also not superb. While Urvashi Sharma looks stunning.

Direction and camera work has no fault. Like I said, plot is like a bowl of noodles.

Dialogues are witty/sarcastic when trying to be funny, yet the social awareness ones are not too preachy.

A song or two feels forced.

First half is stretched too long.

Since it doesn't cater to any specific kind of audience, it maybe its only biggest disadvantage.

It has little bit of everything, but not everything for everyone to like it.

So all those with expectations of avantgarde cinema, stay at home. Others who don't mind giving Akshay Kumar a chance to impress you, then give it a try.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception: quick movie review

Watched Inception, and I want to watch it again. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio fans shouldn't miss this. If that is enough reason for you to watch this sci-fi/action/thriller, then don't think any more, just go and watch it. 

For others who are less convinced, here are a few more reasons.

It cannot be slotted as sci-fi or thriller or action/adventure. It is something of all. 

Go with an open mind, you will enjoy it. Go with skeptical mind, you will analyze and debate it.

Acting is perfect, style and cinematography is pristine. 

No over the top special effects. 

Pacy and intricate storyline, competent plot, sufficient thrill, open ended climax and a mysteriously enticing intelligent concept backing it up.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tea time story

I have had enough of this. I am going to get my cup of tea. With these words I entered the pantry of my office. I was reluctant to prepare tea for myself, as I had been used to getting tea served at my desk at my last workplace. But the temptation to have tea overpowered my laziness. I had already observed others, as to how they operate the "hot pot" to pour tea/water. And so I tried to follow the same process; pour some hot water, then some milk and put the tea bag, then add sugar, and mix it all up. Not only was the milk lukewarm. The tea bags were not dripping the flavor quickly. The end result tasted less like tea and more like flavored milk. Well, one more reason for not making tea. But then what should I do when I am tempted to have tea? Maybe I should carry a thermos filled with hot home-made tea. Maybe! Or practice to make better tea with those stupid Tetley tea bags.

Spain win the World Cup for the first time.

image sourced from

So Spain are world champions.

After being crowned European champions, they held their nerve against Holland, to become World Champions for the first time in their history.

Hyped and expectant teams went out of the world cup, as two unlikely teams (even though they were my fave) battled out in the 2010 World Cup Final. Andres Iniesta scored a late goal in extra time to save Spain from Penalty Shootout trouble.

Holland played well, but lost their nerve, while Spain were more patient in a way. Maybe it was confidence that they could win it in spite of taking off David Villa. Whatever be the reason, they have won it. And this golden generation of Spanish players will be applauded by many.  

From Arsenal perspective, its good that one of the Gunners, Fabregas will be able to lift the World Cup. Still, it does bring forth the question of his move to Barcelona. Anyway we will know it sooner than later, whether Fabregas will be Gunner for another year or not. 

Robin Van Persie was dejected as was any Holland player, I hope it fires him up to do well for Arsenal, and I hope he stays injury free from now on. 

So now that World Cup has ended, its time to move on to Premier League. As new season begins, lets dream that Arsenal are crowned champs, and realistically hope that Arsenal finish at least second or win European Cup, now thats wishful thinking. More on that later.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

World Cup Mania nears its end

Well, my Facebook status had mentioned that in the face of my liking of both Germany and Argentina, I had decided to side with Germany on back of their good attack and solid defense, as I had felt Argentina didn't have good defense. 

Well, my words sounded true, as Germany shot 4 goals past Argentina. Even though I never had complains with their attack, I had this nagging feeling that if they had gone 1 goal down in the first few minutes they would find it tough to come back out of it. While the Germans in same situation would have fought back, as they have already faced 0-1 loss. 

Well, with the Spanish finally finding the net in the last few minutes, have setup a match with the Germans. To defeat the Germans not only do the Spanish need to improve their finishing, but also their defending, or else we may see another set of 4 goals shot by. Thomas Mueller will sadly miss the game. So even if both teams are my favorite. I think Germany seem unstoppable, unless of course the Spanish possession masters (Cesc! Cesc! score a goal!!)  create some magical chances and Villa/Torres doesn't waste them. Go G-E-R-M-A-N-Y

Along with that, another yummy match coming up. Oh yes! Robin van Persie will get another chance to score a goal at the world stage as the Dutch try to score more goals than Diego Forlan's Uruguay, who are the last S. American hope. Go Oranje!!!!!

In both matches Arsenal players will have chance to shine! 

a poem written by me

I have posted a new poem on my poetry blog, please do check it out and give feedback.

Here is the link.>> Click Here

Monday, June 21, 2010

footie crazy .. goals galore


not one!!! but seven..

In my last post I said, Portugal were disappointing and so were Ivory Coast. Well, Portugal have erased all that with their performance. hats off to them.

C. Ronaldo as a player is very talented, but his attitude and play-acting do irritate me. And being Arsenal fan I have very few reasons to like him, other than for his football skills. But lets not get there, the point is it wasn't just one man show, and Portugal played well as a team. 

I am not sure I would rate them as Final candidates, but they surely can't be ignored. The reason is they had one good match, but so did Germany. 

So lets hope they don't crumble against Brazil. A spectacular win can lift confidence, and a team on confidence is unbeatable, as long as they don't get complacent. 

So will I add Portugal in my world cup favorite's list? No! not right now. 

For now its still Argentina/Holland/Germany/Spain. Yeah I shuffled it, according to their performances. 

And what to say about the fighters and underdogs. Lots of them in this edition of world cup. Low-hyped or Underdogs: - Uruguay, Mexico, Paraguay, Chile, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal

Fighters: - Greece, Swiss, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, Ghana, Japan, New Zealand, Australia

Sunday, June 20, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 Group Analysis (Dissapointments)

Group A: -

France: - Spiritless performances. Is playing in world cup, not enough incentive.

Group B: - 

Nigeria: - Tournament in African continent felt like best chance for them to excel, alas! they were in a tough group of fighters (S. Korea, Greece).

Group C: -

England: - I don't agree with England being called failure of talented players, I call it failure of over-hyped players. They need radical changes in team lineups, which will not happen easily.

Group D: -

Germany:- Loss was shocking, considering a 4 goal victory in their previous match. 

Group E: -

Cameroon: - Another african team looks like going out.

Group F: -

Italy: - They are on level on points with New Zealand, and are second placed. 

Group G: -

Portugal: - Tough to choose between them and Ivory Coast, still this team since they are a more hyped team.

Change in choice from Portugal to Ivory Coast, as Portugal manage to shoot 7 goals past N. Korea. 

Group H: -

Spain: - Biggest shock for me. But not too surprising, due to over attacking players, super passing and rubbish finishing. 

<=These are for me the biggest disappointments of their group, some among these may clear group stages, but not all=>

p.s. For Arsenal fans!! Bendtner scored !!!! Now for Cesc to rock and roll!!! 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shreewardhan Bike Ride

Please reduce the volume as there is lot of wind chatter. The video was taken by my friend while I was riding along the Shreewardhan beach. Beautiful beach!!!

==low quality video==

Football Mania

I know FIFA World Cup 2010 has already began, but I had something to talk about its effects on me. Its not easy deciding which team to support as some players I like are spread around in different nations. Anyway, looking at team lineups my favorites are Spain, Argentina, Germany, Holland. 

But that is not what I am writing about here. Right now, I am sitting here typing, as my head is hurting, throat is itching, and eyes are drowsy. But the spirit of football is keeping me awake. Awake so that I can watch late matches (11.50 PM). 

And consecutive days of watching late matches will surely take a heavy toll on my health, and also my ability to focus at work. So I may have to miss some matches, or parts of it and rely on highlights. But at least the weekend will be devoted to football. 

Well, thats all, I have to say for now. adios!! 

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rajneeti Movie Review

Excellent political drama.

Very good dialogues.

Strong story with elements from Mahabharat and Godfather.

Excellent casting and solid acting by the star cast.

Nana Patekar gives a subtle and subdued performance that woos you.

A bit long with stretched 2nd half.

Thankfully no stupid songs.

Ranbir kapoor for the first time impressed me.

While other stalwarts were stupendous.

Katrina Kaif does well too.

Arjun Rampal continues to improve.

If you like serious movies don't miss this.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shrek Forever and After: Movie Review

Watched Shrek Forever and After:-

It is a fun filled thrilling adventure.

If you don't mind love stories and fairy tales, you shouldn't miss this one.

It is an engrossing movie, makes you wonder why it doesn't go on and on.

Animations are top-notch, 3-D effects are subtle.

All voice-overs are superb and whacky.

Villain of the story is very well and evil, as he should be.

Love stories are rarely well said than this (p.s. Anurag Basu).

It is a perfect combo of  fairytale, fantasy, humor, drama and life lessons.

It is said its final part of Shrek series, so what are you waiting for?

"Shrek Forever After- gives us the chance to fall in love with the entire franchise all over again. Only you don't have to sign your life away to figure that one out." - Adam Tobias

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movie Review : Kites

Paid Preview of KITES :-

Slow love story with mix of action.

Hrithik Roshan is excellent but at times felt confused about emotions to show.

Barbara is hottest and acted quite competently, at times felt like overdoing "I am sexy latino" thing, but yet nothing you would found too unusual

The villain (Nick Brown) is average/boring. He just makes faces and shouts, no menace, in beginning he does well, then it deteriorates. 

Kabir bedi and Kangana (cutie!!) are wasted.

Not much of a story, and english-spanish dialogues had neither smart one-liners, nor regal romantic quotes.

Chemistry between the leads was there, but yet, something was missing.

In the first half you may think the movie will pick up pace, but the thrill is absent and whatever scope there was for adrenaline has been wasted on excellent cinematography.

A very stylish movie, which fall shorts in other departments, except Hrithik Roshan who was good. But is it enough to carry this movie forward, I doubt.

Hrithik Roshan fans don't miss it, others can watch on TV.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2 : Movie Review

I watched Iron Man 2 on Saturday.

It is an explosive action packed Block Buster.

Robert Downey Jr. shines throughout, he adds something more to any character he plays.

Don Cheadle and Mickey Rourke were underused but were solid, Scarlett Johansson is yummy, Sam Rockwell and Gwyneth Paltrow are perfect in their roles. 

Movie has excellent special effects. 

It has decent storyline, good one-liner's and exciting pace.

Super heroes have issues too, and Tony Stark has them king-size and he handles them in his flashy yet quirky style.

Some say 1st movie was better. I say chuck the comparison and go out there and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Masala .. Housefull .. Strike .. Thoughts

Post Dated: 02 May 2010

I am sitting in shade on the terrace of my apartment as the May heat thaws assortment of red chilies left out to dry. Yeah I am in place of a scarecrow, to scare away, not just crows, but also pigeons and sparrows, or at least those curious enough to poke their beaks into the chilies.

The chilies are being dried for our well known “Malwani Masala” which we (mom/dad) make at home for “domestic consumption”. Yeah we do give some to friends and relatives. I just love it. I love spices, so much that sometimes I cant eat pizza without adding Tabasco sauce. Non spicy authentic pizza tastes good, but sometimes I miss the spice. All this food talk makes my stomach growl. Hungry!!!

Post Dated: 04 May 2010

Mumbai suburban railway motormen strike has finally been called off, ending hell for many. I ride bike to work so I was affected only by the increased road traffic due to non-operation of trains.

Also watched Housefull on Monday. 

A typical Sajjid-Akki flick.

Its a no-brainer comedy with a dash of emotions and stupidity. You may enjoy it once, but if you like movies like Hey-Babby, De-Dhan-Dhan, etc you may like it a lot.

Boman Irani very good but slightly over-the-top.

Arjun Rampal had a small part but was ok, his real test would be “Rajneeti”.

Among the girls, Deepika was enchanting; Lara kept up the oomph factor, while Jiah was sparsely used.

Randhir Kapoor seemed drunk or too-jolly throughout. Not a great comeback.

Akshay Kumar was solid as usual. He was funny and sensitive but within the boundaries of his movie character.

 A fun filled entertainer where there is negligible over acting. Critics will hate it, masses will love it. Just watch it to be entertained not to learn a life altering lesson. You decide. 

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Awards Nite!

gracias! thanks a lot to chocolatychocolatelover for this award.   

According to the rules of the tag. I need to tell 3 good things about me. But also that I have freedom to add more if I want.

>>If I dedicate myself to something or someone, I put my heart into it and also all my effort.

>>I can really plan things very well. 

>>I also write quite well, usually better than I can speak.

>>I am quite good at riding two-wheelers, from a bicycle to a motorcycle.

Ok, enough of self boasting.

I pass on this award to Niyati, Shruti, Chandrika, Pooja, chocolatychocolatelover, gentlewhispers, humming words, tys on ice, priyanka, Tasha, Sameeta, Priyanka M, Radhika M ,  Refak, SonaliRajlakshmi, Sorcerer 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sure I can write! uhhh.. I hope so.... uhhh...

I am not sure what to post. Earlier a flash of creativity used to make me post something good. Nowadays my posts have become like Facebook updates. Of course, I can't deny that morning tea tastes good only when reading newspapers or facebook status updates.  

Its Sunday, and steaming/yummy poha is enticing me so I should try and post a bit faster. But its really difficult because I am still staring at this small plant on my desk and wondering what to write about.

Yesterday two wall lizards (tiny ones) waltzed into my sisters room, and she freaked out. Part of the reason for her "freaking out" is that once a lizard had fallen on her head. Well, I rushed in and had to ki.... (next part had to be censored because of risk of protests from PETA), as they were trying to hide into tiny gaps. 

So after such brutal assaults on these creatures I need to go and confess my sins to god and ask for forgiveness.

I have not yet recovered from the hangover of eating to many veg. cutlets yesterday and it is having adverse effects on my writing, I better stop.

Adios !!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I have been away from my blog as I was down with heat boils/skin rash due to summer heat.
Usually I don't face much problem due to summer heat, but there is always an exception when my habit of eating spicy and heat inducing foodstuff (non-veg) can make things worse.
Still anyway things are better now, and I am back.

In sports update, Arsenal are out of the title race sadly.
Mumbai Indians are in IPL finals which is good news.
In F1, Force India missed a chance to score points in Shanghai GP while Karun Chandok managed to finish the race. In the same race Hamilton came second while Vettel and Kubica were dissappointingly below in the standings.  

Now that I have missed watching "Green Zone". I am waiting for another action movie to reach the theaters.

Right now, Agile Methodologies And Extreme Programming is interesting me a lot, so I am reading up and hoping to implement it soon.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prince movie review

Watched "Prince".

Enjoyed making fun of stupid scenes.

A couple of smart scenes were applauded.

Plot is not intelligent and too mashed up.

Dialogues were cheesy not one memorable

There is 5% thrill, even though the special effects are top quality (bollywood standards).

Sound effects were excellent too, but movie had unnecessary songs and that irritating singer loved by everyone called Atif Aslam

But action scenes were bland. It was as if they all were trying too hard to be cool. And ended up looking dumb.

Aruna Shields was only eye candy in spite of the movie starring two other actresses, the reason is she acted better than both. 

Vivek Oberoi was disappointing, I expected more from him, looking at his performance in "Shootout at Lokhandwala", "Company", "Dum", "Saathiya", "Yuva" , "Mission Istanbul" it was a valid request.  Alas he was suffering from the same "I have to look cool" syndrome as everyone in the movie. 

Prince is a "campy" or "Cheesy" movies.

The makers of the movie tried too hard, they should have watched 16th December, not the best, but at least it had decent plot in the 1st half. And also they can learn from "Blue" for action sequences. Action sequences isn't about slow motion, its about thrilling people.

Mind you thriller doesn't mean you add stupid twists.

It is only appealing (to me) because of its bad taste and ironic value.

I still think, "Tashan" is my favorite cheesy film of recent time, even "Race" was better than "Prince" according to me, maybe because of Anil Kapoor. 

Its fine, if you miss it in theaters, but watch it on TV, if you are curious.