Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Beverage Review: The Lipton Ice Tea

By Sanket ‘not a chai person’ Kambli

I hate coffee. And I am not particularly fond of tea, even though, sometimes I do take half a cup when I wake up. And tea always has a good quantity of milk.

So the idea of drinking, milk less tea, be it cold, was not interesting.

But since the guy selling, didn’t have mangola (my fave.), and had mazaa (it’s watery), Pepsi, etc (equal to poison), I decided to give Lipton’s golden brown liquid a try.

The first swig was a bitter experience, clearly pointing to low sugar, but as progressed it wasn’t that bad, but not good enough, as I could hardly taste the tea in it! It is a particularly good alternative to colas such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola etc, since it has no fizz, read as no GAS. Also, it is reasonably priced at Rs.10 for a 250 ml bottle(ok, so it is 50ml less than a cola bottle of similar price), but to me, is a more refreshing drink on a hot day.

Also, I would recommend you to have the Ice tea from a vending machine than from the bottle sold, as it is better tasting, and fresher. All in all, it is a reasonably priced, cooling drink. I recommend the lemon over the peach flavor.

The Lipton ice tea is a drink which is ideally suited to Indian conditions. It comes in 2 flavors, Lemon and Peach.

This lemon/peach flavored iced tea is not just another drink to quench our thirst it does more!

Citrus peel in the tea was found to have more than a 70% reduced risk for skin squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).SCC is the major cause of sunburns which will lead to skin cancer. As the average temperature in the country increases every year and no of sunburn and skin cancer cases increases, this is great news for everyone. The studies have shown a protective effect of tea with lemon extract against sunburn which may lead to skin cancer. While carbonated water doesn’t do any good to health. This is what tea can do to your health. China and Japan suggest a correlation between antioxidants found in green tea and overall good health. Green tea is a natural source of antioxidants, which neutralize harmful molecules in the body known as free radicals. By taming free radicals, antioxidants help the body maintain its natural good health. This is not a myth and a proven fact after many researches around the world suggested this.


When I was supposed to write a ‘piece’ on patriotism, I was a bit confused.

To begin writing, the logical thing, would have been, to look out for the definition of patriotism.

But then I thought, it’s the same path every other writer will take, so I decided to ditch that idea.

Now as I was standing at the door of this CST fast local, it struck me, what could patriotism mean?

And then I thought, patriotism isn't just about fighting in the war for you country or winning medals/trophies for your country.

So what more could it be?

A person, who pays his taxes, is a patriot, because he is ready to give away his hard earned money, for his country.

He, who never travels ticket less, doesn't litter the road, prefers to save water/electricity/fuel whenever possible, is a patriot, too.

Edward De Bono, the renowned psychologist had said, Indians have a habit of missing the big picture.

And the same thing applies here. Simple things are always the one which make a difference.

As they, say drops and more drops fill up the ocean.

These small acts like conservation of resources, planting trees, having some sort of civic sense, paying taxes/fines, voting for the right person, are what really show your love for your country.

And don’t ever think that, this list is limited, there is more to it, and all I have done is dropping some pointers.

And if that isn't there, then no amount of flag stickers, Jai Hind, etc will ever make up for that.

It is like, it should come from within, patriotism cannot be taught anywhere, and no one can be forced to do it.

So things like playing the national anthem in cinemas, and forcing people to become patriots, is an act of wastage and utter stupidity, serving absolutely no purpose. So can these write-up's really change people's thinking, I doubt it, but I write with the hope that at least some kids start thinking about it, and become a real patriot, not pseudo-patriots.

Till then jai-hind, and make sure you watch swades, and if you want the reason, then it simple, the movie is for free, on star gold, adios.

Guns n Roses

By Sanket 'not talking about rock music' Kambli

It happened once, will it happen once again.

US used to be called the land of opportunity, well opportunity hasn't gone down.

But the restrictions have, post WTC attack.

US have made visa rules stricter.

People are thinking, what is wrong with the land which embraced them with open arms.

Some are saying, US is doing a wrong thing.

But I disagree; try to think, from their point of view.

This country allowed people of all caste, creed, or color, to settle, grow, and make their dream come true.

They accepted people, gave opportunities, they shared the great American dream with everyone.

But how was it repaid, well, its simple, hurt them where it hurts most, rob them of their 'all American landmarks".

And seeing that the same people, whom they provided a better life, are stabbing them back, what else they could have done?

And now, that they have made some things stricter, for more security, people instead of supporting them, are against them, wouldn't you become protective, if some guests, try and destroy, your house or your family.

Now why have raised this stale (??) issue, will be your question, well, hello, have you forgotten what London city had gone through, last month?

Well this write-up, is in this context, they haven't yet made any, changes similar to US, in terms of security measures.

But whenever, that is done, again, all intellectuals and pseudo-intellectuals will start lashing out, against all these protectionist measures, saying they are against, the multi-cultural attitude of UK. Which is wrong, as all they are trying to do is protect, take care, like a mother does.

A good thing, is that, London hasn't seen backlashes against migrant communities (esp. Muslim/Sikh), as severe as those experienced by certain Americans.

Let us hope, it doesn't occur, after all we are human's, or am I the only one who is missing a point.

And let us pray for all those who lost their lives in any calamity (natural/man-made).

Let there be peace.

And as to why the title 'Guns n Roses', well it is like this, first Americans welcomed with, say roses, now they welcome with, guns.