Saturday, May 01, 2010

Awards Nite!

gracias! thanks a lot to chocolatychocolatelover for this award.   

According to the rules of the tag. I need to tell 3 good things about me. But also that I have freedom to add more if I want.

>>If I dedicate myself to something or someone, I put my heart into it and also all my effort.

>>I can really plan things very well. 

>>I also write quite well, usually better than I can speak.

>>I am quite good at riding two-wheelers, from a bicycle to a motorcycle.

Ok, enough of self boasting.

I pass on this award to Niyati, Shruti, Chandrika, Pooja, chocolatychocolatelover, gentlewhispers, humming words, tys on ice, priyanka, Tasha, Sameeta, Priyanka M, Radhika M ,  Refak, SonaliRajlakshmi, Sorcerer