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Saturday, December 27, 2008


I forgot to mention I saw "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi".
I liked it, more than that, I liked Shah Rukh Khan's performance, and also Vinay Pathak was impressive. King Khan's rendition of a simple punjabi guy was perfect. It may not be the best movie out there, but this movie will surely touch your heart. It doesn't have the best script (in terms of logic), and the actress is a bit confused, in terms of showing emotions on-screen, still you will like it. Shah Rukh Khan fans should't miss it.

I am still not sure what I am going to do on new year's eve.

Annual function (new year celebration) at office is coming up, and as usual I will be singing songs, hopefully dance (in group) and maybe (!!) act in a drama, lets see.

Everyone has seen Ghajini, except me, I wonder why??

more posts to come soon....stay tuned!! I will try ....


I don't know how to put it across....but I am back...
its surely been a long time...too many cobwebs here...and reason for absence??
i was lacking inspiration...have I got it back??? don't know.....
its like my poem writing ability, the guy who wrote 70 poems in two years (five years back), can barely string together a rhyme these days.

so its not easy to know where to begin from.....
a reverse chronology can be useful.....

and we begin with jumbo......
for the uninitiated its a hindi-animated movie.....

Its overall a feel-good movie.....animation standard is very good considering bollywood.
Voice-overs are also fine....nothing out of place....yes some locations/buildings/characters seemed a bit south-east asian, but then I found out it has been directed by some thai-guy and was supposed to be a thai movie (unverified fact).
Still it is commendable movie, worth at least one watch.
Its refreshing to see a hindi animated movie which is not based on mythology......
I won't go into the details of this movie, as everything about it is fine.
Actually, I am too bored to write anymore about it.

And, yes, winter is truly here, and I need to apply some stupid cold cream or else my skin is going to be parched like sahara desert!
Coconut oil = works when skin is very very dry, but skin smells of coconut oil (duh!)
vaseline petroleum jelly = again great for very very dry skin, but takes time to apply as it is not a lotion
body lotions = these are easiest to apply, but are not effective when skin is too dry
ponds cold cream = same problem as vasline jellies, more oily than lotions

And plese don't slot me into the metrosexual thingy, because the above info, using a SPF 30 sunscreen and a hair cream(Himalaya protein cream) are the only cosmetic concepts I am familiar with it, of course other than apply hair oil. And these things are placed near my shaving kit(creame, razor, after-shave) and AXE deo spray. Well, lets stop this vanity talk.

The smell of paint still lingers!
It has been a few days since we got the house repainted, the odour of paint, which is not exactly nose-friendly, lingers on, especially if windows are kept closed for a long long time.
Oh yes! When the whole painting routine was going on, the days were a bit powdery....
what I meant was the floor seemed powdery, and there were newspapers on all furniture....and there was powder on these newspapers...!!!

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