Saturday, March 08, 2008

Welcome the Indian Summer

On 6th March I played cricket with my office mates. Though I completely suck at this bat and ball game, I love running around trying to stop the ball and reduce run scoring. It was fun, but more than that it was really good to play under the scorching sun. I was really tired of the cold wave that had chilled this city for almost the whole of February. I don’t really hate any particular season, be it winter, summer, or monsoon. I love them all as long as they are not overdone, like too cold, too hot, and too wet.

On 8th March I rode my bicycle after about 2-3 months, it was good, but riding at snail’s pace was initially unsettling. This is because I ride a motorbike to work, so I am not habituated to these slow speeds. Still my love for two-wheels is so intense that anytime I ride any kind of two-wheeler I just enjoy it. It’s stupid, that in spite of cycling being such a good exercise technique and also a good and *green* way to commute short distances, in urban India, it is frowned upon as down-market. There are barely any guys of my age who ride bicycles just for the pleasure of it. Funny world this is.

By the way, I have fixed this Chinese gearing system (400 rupees) on my bicycle. This gearing system has reduced the top speed because the chain is unable to shift to the smallest (last) sprocket because the frame of the bicycle obstructs it. This may sound confusing but I will post pictures soon to justify my claim. So even though the top speed has got reduced, riding uphill is a joy because the taller gears allow me to reduce the stress on my legs.

I think the jaw problem that I have mentioned in previous posts stands resolved for the time being. To elucidate, the joint that made a popping sound while moving my jaw was Temperomandibular joint (TMJ). After searching the internet and consulting my dentist I found out that this joint needs serious medical attention only when it aches a lot, which isn’t the case. In my case only if I clench my teeth together and then try to open my mouth I sometimes get the popping sound. So the dentist has told me to avoid opening my mouth in that manner. He has also told me to apply ointments like iodex from the outside to relax the muscles. I have also been told to take care that I don’t stretch my mouth too much while yawning, laughing, etc. So basically things are under control.