Thursday, November 26, 2009

Go Gunners

Arsenal meet Chelsea this weekend, and this will be a very important result for Arsenal. Arsenal are facing bad luck with injuries, but Home game goal scoring record of Arsenal is very good, so fingers crossed. Hope for victory. Go Gunners!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Best Friends Wedding

Yes! the wedding ceremony went very well. And the happy couple were all smiles.
It was not just the wedding ceremony that is etched in my mind, but also the four days of fun I had with some of my best friends and some new friends.
It all began on a shy note, with we barely interacting, it took mahendra's jokes to get the ball rolling, and to speak proverbially it hasn't stopped rolling since then. Not only did I make new friends, we had so much fun, someone would think that we had been best friends for a long time.
Four days spent seemed like more than four days, and we didn't want the fun to stop, thinking why do the days seem so short.
We cracked jokes, sang songs, danced like there was no tomorrow. Filling water from a well, designing the Banner for the bride and grooms name, all the wedding ceremonies from "haldi" to "waraat(baaraat)" were fun.
Found a new friend in Kimaya, a young girl with a perfect smile and mesmerizing eyes, who dreams of a great career in Hospitality Industry, good luck to her. And found a new buddy in a little kid called Yash, smart kid with big dreams too. Amol: JP's brother-in-law, reserved guy who took time to open up, but when he did, he is fun to be around with. Not to forget Shraddha, the kid who wants to be a doctor.
It was good experience for all of us, as sometimes when you are working, you get into a routine, and not only that, the people whom you meet in your line of work are people who have achieved many things in life, that they barely have any dreams. So when you meet such youngsters (mind you the age difference was barely averaging 5-6 yrs), you realize that you are not really that old, you are still young at heart and age. And inside this exterior of seriousness and formality are hidden, kids who just want to have fun.
All credit goes to all these relatives (which includes all of the above) who never made us feel left out, we were treated like we were part of the family. So total credit to all of them. Still regret I could not thank all of them for everything they did for us.
Knowing how to ride any kind of bike, helps when there is a bike in the household and small tasks requiring short trips to market. So I got to ride a Bajaj Boxer and Bajaj Discover 100 over the days, and riding through village roads surrounded by lush green fields and fresh air blasting my face was a very good experience.
There are more events that happened, lots of fun that I may not have mentioned here, part of the reason is that it brings about a flood of emotion and a kind of nostalgia that creates problems as I don't really like the sentimental emotionality that leads to teary eyes, what people call "Khushi ke Aansu" or "Tears of joy", as I prefer the quotes like "Boys Dont Cry" and "Show No Tear". Anyway, this by far, was the best wedding I ever attended, and also one of the best times I had in life with anyone. I Thank you all. And I Thank God.
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