Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Post Poll Musings

Its second time I had my finger inked. (Exercised my voting rights). Last time was for Lok Sabha elections, this time for assembly elections. Last time my vote resulted in victory for the candidate, now lets see what difference my vote makes. I was also in the pessimists camp, thinking all politicians are corrupt, what difference does it make if I vote. My opinion has not changed, I don't expect anyone to do any work for my constituency in spite of winning.
Still I vote because that is my duty, to vote for a candidate I think who "could" help to improve our locality. So I tell all people who don't vote, please vote next time.
Our politicians shirk from their responsibilities, but why should we behave like them and not vote. Lets be better than them, lets do our duty, lets have a say.

I know this post came a bit late, and should have come before the election day. But being busy, and not expecting my words to make any difference to anyone, made me post this a bit late.

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