Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am at this cheap cybercafe

I have cancelled my MTNL ADSL Triand connection.
I don't know whether I am plain unlcuky or others face the same problem.
But the fact is that my triaband connection had made me face a host of problems.
Sometimes it would get disconnected on its own.
and I would have to restart the router.
The helpline service of mtnl was totally helpless.
And I had to go all the way to Charai telephone exchange to solve any problem(things like unable to connect,etc).
At the exahange they made me run through many rooms, from one table to another.
And upon that I had a 700 MB download limit.
Now I am moving to sify, lets see how it is.
Damn ,, i got to go ,,,,time is up,.
job is fine...have enrolled for mca at manipal university. bye

Sunday, July 16, 2006

This post is going to be left blank, a kind of memorial for those who lost their lives in the recent blasts.

I dont have any idea when my next post will be

I dont have any idea when my next post will be.
And I am sorry for that.
Let us see,
Job is fine,
have changed travel route.
I catch a train to ghatkopar and from there I catch a bus (no:334) to seepz.
This option saves me time and money.
Earlier option was 496 bus.
This week for the first time I used my cellphone(WAP) for checking my mail account.
But the problem is my cell doesn't have anti-virus software. hmmmm, what should I do?
Anyway got to go,
I am running out of time.
Hope you all readers are safe and weren't caught in the ghastly blasts that ripped through our local trains.

My home PC ain't getting connected to internet!!

Yes, that is true, so I am sitting here in a cybercafe @Thane which charges 10 Rs. per hour.( Not Bad!!)
Anyway, I got to know about this comment left on my blog, which was totally irrelevant to the post.
So here is my reply for it.
Mr. Sanket Kambli replies:
Ms. Pooja Sarkar, my sincere apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused to you.
Honestly I am helpless in this regard.
I have done everything in my power to change my profile on,
but without any results.
If you yourself check the site you will know what I mean.
And if you have any problems in that regard, I can go on record that the girl I am referring there, isn't you!
And please understand I have no need to use your name for a publicity stint, because if that would have been the case I would use someone famous, not just another girl like you.
And I hope we end this things right here.