Friday, July 07, 2006


I don't have a saturday off, because it is meant to compensate the working hours missed due to rains.
SO no updates!!
It will come tomorrow for sure.
A bonus of posts tomorrow.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ohhhh!! What an achievement!!

Another rich kid revamps his family business and has his mug plastered on the first page of supplements like Bombay times.

I really don’t understand how much tough it is for all those journalists out there to find a single kid who went from nothing to something.

Instead they find it easier to feature a story of someone who just built up on something that already existed.

Just because someone has a successful enterprise doesn’t mean you have to feature it in an achievers list.

They have to note their background.

Coming from a background, where it is easier for parents to, let their kids set up their own businesses, makes things a tad easier, not to mention the various industry contacts.

While achieving decent success in his/her business, in spite of middle class upbringing which focuses on security than challenge, is more note-worthy.

This takes me to the achievements of Mr. Vijaypat Singhania.
Not long ago, he broke a record.

My simple point here is, though it was courageous for an old man to do something like that.
He is still not doing anything extraordinary considering the press coverage he has got.

Because what he had done, could have been done, even by a person, 30 yrs. younger, with a bit of practice, luck and courage.

But the money factor plays a big role here, because I don’t think there are too many courageous people out there, who can even afford a plane ticket let alone flying in an air balloon.

To conclude I would say, it’s high time we stop focusing on rich people and their pointless achievements.

Because not only do they have it easier than most of us, as they have more time and money at their disposal.

They are also making a point that we people will always remain below them.
Be it in terms of achievements or bank balance.

What do you say??

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Weekend Update vol.1

Saturday and Sunday is holiday from work.

But, on both these days, time was spent lazing around in my bed.

Because I had to take enough rest to recover from the combo of cold and mild fever that I was affected with.

I have got MCA entrance test coming up on next Sunday, hmmmm!!! Need to prepare for it.

Rumours about principal of S.K. Somaiya college having changed are baseless.

M.Sc. (C.S.) @ S. K. Somaiya has begun in full force with the students aiming to repeat the excellent performances of the just passed out batch.

Germany is through to the semis after beating Argentina on penalties (HURRAY!!!)

Now they face the Italians who easily beat Ukraine by three goals.

It is going to be tough for Germany to score as the azzuri’s have a strong defence and one of my favourite goalie’s i.e. Buffon.

Who will I support??? Germany!!!!!

On the other hand, one of my favourite teams, England; lost to Portugal on penalties.

This rude shock was sedated by another shock defeat, this time by france.

I expected Brazil to win, but expected a nice fight from france. But the French have surprised me, though all gunner fans (like me!) will be happy to see Henry score.

Though I don’t want to say Portugal is a bad team, as they are in the semis. Still I think, France looks a better team. It’s just a questions of players like Vieira, Zidane, etc inspiring them to the final @Berlin, unless, Figo and Ronaldo decide to play like its do or die for them.

The power is gone!!!!! I wil ctrl+s and come back later,