Tuesday, December 12, 2006

my first ride, bajaj pulsar 180 DTSI UG3

My bike arrived,
without papers(have them now) and temporary number(will get that on firday!),
just about a litre or two in the tank,
the bike was bought home by dads friend, as I was at office,
came home, took the cover off,
there it was,
all blue and black,
my biking experience is limited to my dads CT-100,
so as soon as I got the bike off the stand, I felt the weight difference.
sat on it,
felt different(compared to CT-100),
sloted the key in, the awesomely brilliant speedo came to life,
ok,,i was ready to roll,
fuel inlet set to ON,
now, I tried pressing the self start button,it wont do anything,
I was worried, then a few seconds later it struck me,
the EKS(engine kill switch), so I set it to ON,
with a pumping heart, I self started the bike,
it purred to life,nice sound,
raced it a bit(a bit only) to feel the beat of the engine,
started headlight, etc(it was a starry night),
slotted the 1st gear, what a difference,
no clunky sound like the CT-100, felt smoother,
went a few yards and stopped, braking was very confident,
then I spent almost a minute trying to find the neutral,
1st of all i had completely forgotten the changed 1-down and 4-up gearing system,
and not only that ,the gears being so smooth, while getting to neutral from 1st i ended up on 2nd

now i have got the old system out of my head and new system in,
havent raced/rode it much nor havent yet reached 4th gear(coz papers/RTO passing hadnt come

& i have only learners license),,will do that soon, and post my experience
so in all as a newbie rider,
I found gear smooth,
easy to read and brilliant speedo,
responsive throttle,
sleek clutch,
powerful brakes,
lights/horn and stuff is gr8,
it felt good when some kids who were busy admiring my bike ,say that one day they are gonna buy

a bike like this,
and by the way, prepared to be stared at , by everyone!!!!!
expect more and better reports of newbie experiences soon..
bye bye....got to go and get a helmet,,, and gloves,,