Thursday, June 29, 2006

Next Post On 1st July

Today is 30th june, but I don't have much time, so I will put up the next update tomorrow, as saturday and sunday is holiday for us.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

First day of my job and other stuff

Due to my job, it’s tough to find time. But here I am with time to type.

First day of my job, was nice experience.

Anxious and curious was my state of my mind.

To summarize things:

I command a high-end workstation (can’t give specs, sorry!)

Training on web application development is going on, will finish soon. And then, I will have to handle a whole project.

Because BEST buses are crowded, returning home from SEEPZ (andheri) is a nightmare.

It is tough to find a place to sit, till the bus reaches kanjur marg or bhandup.

Buses turn into steam rooms, due to the humidity (experienced only by standing crowd).

Hanging out of the bus (like they do in suburban trains) is a common sight.

It’s amazing, how all my seniors do programming (project level) without referring to any book.

It has started raining satisfyingly, meaning it gives me and my buddies a chance to go for a trek.

Can’t follow world cup action, L

According to my prediction, England won, but only by a goal.

I always felt France was better team than Spain (on paper at least), and they didn’t kill my faith and won against Spain.

Like Germany v/s Argentina, England v/s Portugal is also equally matched setup.

But, I think I will root for Germany and England.

Italy should win against Ukraine without conceding any goal, though I don’t think they will score too many goals.

Brazil v/s France, Brazil is my favorite, but France has shown determination, and I hope they don’t give without fighting. Can any of these teams repeat their performance of 1998 finals, let us see.

Test cricket: India draws the series (uuuuggghhh!!!!), damn they are paid so much and they perform so less. We developers do so much work and are paid peanuts!!!!

And we cannot even be out of form or else we will be out of firm.

Damn! I also don’t get to watch two laugh riot shows on hungama channel.

They are shingchan and kochikame, they are so damn funny. They are usually in the afternoon.

Can’t continue, got to get ready to go to work, morning is the only time when I get to come online.

Stay logged for more posts.

Till then, have a nice day.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

So how do you like the new look of my weblog?

I revamped the look, so now it loads faster and looks simpler, what do you say?

It was tough to decide on the new look keeping in mind, that it shouldn’t be too radical for my faithful & regular readers.

A superb goal eight minutes into extra-time by Maxi Rodriguez sealed Argentina's 2-1 win over Mexico at Leipzig on Saturday and that set up a mouthwatering clash with Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals next Friday.

Nooooooo!!!! Both are my favorite teams!!!!! Whom will I support?

Sunday is coming to an end…..

Had chicken for lunch and dinner.

Got photos developed for my new id-card.

I am putting in lots of efforts to clean up my hard disk (just 40 GB!!!!) of any unnecessary stuff.

From today I have decided to practice yoga regularly, as habit which I had lost during the vacations.