Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sanket kambli is back in his good old avatar of sankoobaba

There are frustrating times when frustration reaches a crescendo. In such turbulent times all the you wait is a......zzzzzzz..zzzzzzzzz..zzzzzzz

wake up!!!! Got to finish my work!!! Where is my cup of tea!!!!

Is feeling drowsy a disease or a disorder or is it something that cannot be avoided, especially when you know, that you are trying hard to avoid feeling sleepy. This could potentially be a lunch-induced drowsiness, which forces my eye-lids to shut down. Fortunately this sleepy trend lasts only for 20 minutes and after that miraculously it dissolves and I feel fresh, irrespective of a refreshing cup of tea. So till I find a solution to this problem it cannot cease to exist and will continue to torment me almost every afternoon.

The wonder years of wonderful people who always wonder about the wonderful wonders of this wonderful world which eventually makes me wonder whether it is really wonderful.

I saw the movie "I am Legend" and this movie simply moves Will Smith, higher on my favorite Hollywood actors list.

Photo of the day...

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some of my experiences on my bike Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSI UG3

*>Wet roads freak me out!
I have managed to slide on wet roads thrice>
twice on my bicycle(hercules Canon Barrel)
and once .........

*>There are times, when heavy traffic roads have space for bikes on the left side,
and when a rickshaw ends up blocking such spaces, it irritates me immensly, i.e. of course if
I overlook their habit of sverving/turning without showing any signs.

*>Sometimes I forget to turn the petrol knob on!

*>When I get bored on long rides, I sing some songs(of course I have helmet on!)

*>While riding pillion, I have habit of thinking of all the mistakes the rider is making while riding.

*>On night rides, I use the horn and pass switch together to create a audio-visual symphony,
so next time you see a honking blue pulsar 180 UG3 with a blinking headlight, it could be me.

*>My pulsar's headlight sucks! And having no bajaj service center close by, sucks even more.

*>A simple rule of using both brakes(front and rear) that I always remembered except once.
I was riding at a speed of approx. 10kmph,
mom was riding pillion, a utility rickshaw was in front of me,
it braked suddenly, I did the same, but use only the front discs,
front wheel locked, bike slid forth,
i jerked the handle to avoid head-on collision, escaped with a sligth scratch on mud-guard and headlight glass.he he he!!!

*>Hard braking while coming down flyovers can lead to wheel lockups(I have been lucky to avoid them)

*>Many office going bike/scooter riders...drag their feet...a lot.... while riding slow...for quite a distance...

*>I am still not good at leaning the bike during left corners as compared to right corners

*> found out from a bike magazine this interesting fact..
that my pulsar 180 has the best 0-60 aceeleration after karizma....better then Pulsar-200..Pulsar-220...I am loving it!!!!

*>Sometimes, on short trips on highways, I purposely ride slow, at speeds of about 40-50 kmph, so that the road doesn't end quickly, so as to enjoy the ride for a longer time.

*>Thats all for now......

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bajaj Pulsar 180 Dtsi UG3...my bike....its picture/photos/snaps

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is my bike, Bajaj Pulsar 180 dtsi UG3(Dec 2006)!
Enjoy!!!!!! Click on photo's below to view enlarged(zoomed) photo! A side profile ruined due to ???
Another picture taken in my appartment parking area. Popularly referred as GD Arena!
This is the road which runs parallel to Mumbai-Nashik highway, which leads to Kalwa!
This is the road which runs parallel to Mumbai-Nashik highway, which leads to Thane!
The above picture may make the bike look dirty, but it just a game of reflections!
~A side profile~

My first bike, Hercules Canon Barrel(9 yrs old in 2006), and it still manages to average speeds of around 30 kmph!! i.e. with non working rear brakes, poor front brakes. Got the fork changed from Star Fork to this one, because the old one got bent due to rough riding!
A badly taken picture(used flash!) of my gloves(Rs.130/-) and Vega Helment(1400/-)
A top view of a part of my riding gear!
That is my riding jacket, A Pepe Jeans Jacket(Rs.2899/-), I believe it is of suede leather

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My bicycle....hercules cannon barrel

a few notes .... about my bicycle...
more about it soon...
My first was a 2nd hand..roadster cycle with those screeching support

wheels.....way back in 4th standard....got hercules cannon barrel...when

I was in 7th standard....it was a new bike back then..with its fat frame

etc...many kids in my school used to ask for a ride....and I used to give

it to most of them.....racing on it was fun....my bike was a hit in terms of

looks for a long time...till the arrival of trailblazer and top gear!!
I still ride it..and prefer it for some errands(esp. crowded markets) over

my bike....though its a MTB....I love riding it on highways....I am

considering putting some gear system on it.....and the best feeling is to

beat slow vehicles on the road with my 0bhp bike.....but I can never

forget this guy on a race bike....those with thin tyres and works....I

overtook him once..and that was it..he raced ahead(he has gears! )..I

was barely able to keep pace......I had to give up....there was no


On some day in July ....maybe it was august 2006....I was coming home

from a fast and wet ride on my herculeus canon barrel....I entered my

housing complex....didnt feel like going home...so decided to ride

around in my complex.....and while riding near a section of my

complex...I slipped.....thanks to the moss-laden cemented

surface...luckily my wrist left the handle quickly or else I would have

broken my wrists.....I got up....found nothing broken/torn....my cycle

looked fine....again was about to slip....couldn't get any traction...but

somehow managed get out of there....now that is where my stupidity ran

sky high...I got overconfident...come on...I have 9 yrs of experience

riding cycles and I have never slipped....so why is this surface so

special...I think I had shut down my brain at that time..so went through

that route again.....and no miracles here....I slipped again and this

time....I think I twisted my shoulder a bit too much while slipping...and

the handle got twisted too....anyway I came home......


I have lost my cellphone

I lost my cellphone on 2nd January 2007, what a way to start the new year.
The model was LG B2050.
Lost it while commuting in central mumbai local trains.
The cellphone required the entry of password if anybody wants to start the cellphone,
so its out of question that the handset would have been of any use to the thief.
And I have alredy blocked the sim-card.
So now, I am without a cellphone, though, I will get a new (cheap) one soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


ICICI BANK doesn't value its customers much,
maybe they have plenty of them!!
What makes me say that?
well you can say that I am a victim of their carelessness.
It is shocking but sometimes big banks have indifferent attitude.
but I got to bear them, because I have got this idiotic salary account with them,
but still that changes nothing,
they suck, they are........................................................................may go on....
so bye for now.....but this blog isnt dead...ok??
I am back...armed with more updates!!he he he
and belated happy new year to all readers(esp. to rosh & tashi ...where art thou)

Helmet Ride

By Sanket ‘got lid on’ Kambli

Vega! That is the brand of my helmet.

It has Mild Seven (Renault F1 team style) graphics, with alonso’s name gracing it.

So out I went for my first ride with a helmet.

Removed my specs, slid the helmet on my head, after a little push.

The helmet was snug, flipped open the visor, wore my specs, and flipped the visor back.

Sat on the bike, from that moment itself the inexperience of helmet use was evident while riding, with this being my first helmet.

The field of vision narrowed, objects that could have been viewed without moving my head, required me to do some neck movements. And my excellent idea of going out for this ride at night didn’t make matters any easy for me.

But all those thoughts were quickly banished after self-starting my bike.

The beat!!! It’s addictive.

The riding difference was different as compared to helmet-less riding, but the biggest difference was the response of wind resistance to my helmet. As the speed raced beyond 35kmph, I could hear a distinct whoosh-whoosh, initially I was unsettled, but after it registered in my mind that it was just wind, I was relaxed.

The fact is that every ride on a bike is a new experience. And wearing helmets is definitely cool.