Wednesday, January 10, 2007


ICICI BANK doesn't value its customers much,
maybe they have plenty of them!!
What makes me say that?
well you can say that I am a victim of their carelessness.
It is shocking but sometimes big banks have indifferent attitude.
but I got to bear them, because I have got this idiotic salary account with them,
but still that changes nothing,
they suck, they are........................................................................may go on....
so bye for now.....but this blog isnt dead...ok??
I am back...armed with more updates!!he he he
and belated happy new year to all readers(esp. to rosh & tashi ...where art thou)

Helmet Ride

By Sanket ‘got lid on’ Kambli

Vega! That is the brand of my helmet.

It has Mild Seven (Renault F1 team style) graphics, with alonso’s name gracing it.

So out I went for my first ride with a helmet.

Removed my specs, slid the helmet on my head, after a little push.

The helmet was snug, flipped open the visor, wore my specs, and flipped the visor back.

Sat on the bike, from that moment itself the inexperience of helmet use was evident while riding, with this being my first helmet.

The field of vision narrowed, objects that could have been viewed without moving my head, required me to do some neck movements. And my excellent idea of going out for this ride at night didn’t make matters any easy for me.

But all those thoughts were quickly banished after self-starting my bike.

The beat!!! It’s addictive.

The riding difference was different as compared to helmet-less riding, but the biggest difference was the response of wind resistance to my helmet. As the speed raced beyond 35kmph, I could hear a distinct whoosh-whoosh, initially I was unsettled, but after it registered in my mind that it was just wind, I was relaxed.

The fact is that every ride on a bike is a new experience. And wearing helmets is definitely cool.