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Friday, February 08, 2008

Bring on the heat(Click on images for larger view)

This isn't mumbai! Its too cold! Mumbaikar's are not accustomed to handle this much cold!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chilling Mumbai

Its damn cold! What next!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Brahmakamal flower(Click on images for larger view)

More pics coming soon. I am blogging from my sony ericsson k810i cybershot phone!

biking and other rumblings

just 2 weeks back I fell...nothing big....but the same thing..riding in dirt..front wheel lockup on a flat(gripless) concrete slab fixed in middle of the dirt track along the IIT(mum)route...and dump...luckily I was very slow..dirt didnt allow shoes(office) to get grip to gain balance...and was left with just a loose fairing ....
for me goggles have been only a dream..thanks to me wearing glasses since 6th standard....
the doctor said in my formative height grew too fast in a year..and eyes could not adjust to I will have far-sightedness...he said not to worry...the number of the lens will stop growing after the age of 21 when your growth stops..
right !!
now i wear glasses with 6 number....people with headache wear 0 number glasses so you get the drift.....till now i used glass for specs lenses...
now my salary affords me plastic ones....
the current one is expensive...its of HOYA....
its got anti-glare(others headlights dont affect me a lot now)
anti-scratch(no distortion)
anti-stick(dust and water don't stick to it)
unbreakable to some extent and very light...
so all this features meant it was a bit thick....there were other lenses which were thin..but didnt have all these features....
so now these hi-tech lenses are perched on my nose by a frame which
has curvature like a goggle...covers eyes!! .. but the frame is wierd..
and take some effort to wear it inside a helmet...
first i wear the helmet..
but only half way through...
then i slide the glasses in but only enough for them to hang on..
then put the helmet in place..
and then the glasses go in place...
tricky system works...
Hero Honda will launch new models this year lets hope they aren't just addition of new paint and new stickers.