Saturday, December 19, 2009

Year end blues...or new year blues...or.. no blues...or??

December 2009.
So is it time to welcome with eagerness 2010?
or time to loose oneself in nostalgia of 2009?
I am not quite sure which flow of emotion should I dive into.
I am a dreamer so I can easily dream out the most ideal 2010 for me.
And also I love to roam the streets of nostalgic memories, even if they are only a year old.
Still I can't forget the forgettable New Years Eve of 2008, when I decided to take power nap just before midnight celebrations and ended up sleeping through the fireworks to wake up on  1 Jan 2009 uttering..> [damn!! ]
And I think it was damned anyway with recession, commodities price rise, "break--up", stalled US work opportunities, our Project manager  leaving our firm, and other assorted not-good events. 
Still 2009 continued to shine in parts like sunshine on cloudy days, and I am thankful to god for all that.
Be it, the "break-up", more job responsibilities, MCA degree completion, some good travel experiences with friends and family, learning yoga, getting back my fitness levels (lost due to desk job), watching good movies, making new friends(!!) and many more.
So as I put the events of 2009 into the library of past events in my brain, I can't help but feel "Butterflies in the stomach" regarding what 2010 has in store for everyone, irrespective of good or bad events. 
Because even though nobody likes to hear this, truth is, "whatever happens, happens for the good."
So ... its good...but also not good... because till now, no plans have been made with regards to new year celebrations. So lets see.

"Gracias por leer mi blog, y los puede tienen una feliz Navidad y año nuevo muy impresionante"

it means "Thank You for reading my blog, and may you all have a merry Christmas and very awesome new year"

p.s. I love spanish language, want to master it someday.

again p.s. if any reading this wants to update the good and bad events of 2009 for me, let me know, as I tend to have a very faulty memory.