Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sanket kambli is back in his good old avatar of sankoobaba

There are frustrating times when frustration reaches a crescendo. In such turbulent times all the you wait is a......zzzzzzz..zzzzzzzzz..zzzzzzz

wake up!!!! Got to finish my work!!! Where is my cup of tea!!!!

Is feeling drowsy a disease or a disorder or is it something that cannot be avoided, especially when you know, that you are trying hard to avoid feeling sleepy. This could potentially be a lunch-induced drowsiness, which forces my eye-lids to shut down. Fortunately this sleepy trend lasts only for 20 minutes and after that miraculously it dissolves and I feel fresh, irrespective of a refreshing cup of tea. So till I find a solution to this problem it cannot cease to exist and will continue to torment me almost every afternoon.

The wonder years of wonderful people who always wonder about the wonderful wonders of this wonderful world which eventually makes me wonder whether it is really wonderful.

I saw the movie "I am Legend" and this movie simply moves Will Smith, higher on my favorite Hollywood actors list.

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