Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Awards Time!!

Thanks a lot Rajlakshmi, for honoring me with this award. I am floored. She is a talented writer/excellent poet and her blog is really wonderful, here is the link again.


The rules of this award are:
1. Acknowledge the person who gave it to you and link back.
2. Give it to 15 bloggers who you love visiting

So I bestow this award to following fellow bloggers:-

Niyati, Shruti, Chandrika, Pooja, chocolatychocolatelover, gentlewhispers, humming words, tys on ice, priyanka, Tasha, Sameeta, Priyanka M, Radhika M ,  Refak, Sonali

This award which comes from Rajlakshmi is for all my dear readers. 

And this Best Poet award is for all the great poets out there. So I award it to, Niyati, RajlakshmichocolatychocolateloverSameeta 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weird post that sees me rambling on and on!!

Its not always that the topic of a blog post begins from comments section of another blog (blog of my wonderful friend Tasha). And of course this isn't the case, but maybe it is to some extent. Anyway, I should shed this style of confused stupid writing before I lose more readers.

But its not easy, when friends( 3 to be precise)  with whom you studied at college for 3 yrs and after graduating, worked at the same company for almost 4 yrs, suddenly move on to different companies. The attachment levels of 6-7 years is a bit too much. Of course, I don't cry as I don't generate tears anymore. The sorrow does manifest in different forms, some of them leading to variety of emotions that seem out of place in the head of a so-called mature 24 year old. 

So lets not talk about these thoughts too much, as giving importance to useless things, is akin to  promoting them. Still its not easy to hide the fact that I am going to miss these guys. Of course we will meet, for movies, for trips etc, etc. But for how long, a few years, then they will get married, and then their dear wives will eat up into any remnant time left for old friends. I have seen some of my friends go from "single" to "committed" that never have time for old friends. 

All this self depreciating talk may seem doom-gloom but for me it is funny, as I am no better friend anyway. As I think same thing may happen to me after I get married, as I already imagine marriage to be another 6-9 job, more like "work from home".

You can clearly  emotions have very much messed up with my brain. Also, since it is know fact that I tend to,  lose things that I love a lot, makes me a bit apprehensive about being too attached to anything, be it person or a thing. 

And all this pessimist talk comes from a guy who is really optimistic about all other facets of his life and cheerful about the whole world in general. This is highly irregular, but I know with time the cracks in my brain will be patched up again, and I will be my cheerful self, writing short/sweet posts about general things, instead of rambling on like a first grade lunatic, in need of dire psychological counseling. 


Sunday, March 14, 2010

thoughts and some fragments!!

I don't know how many noticed this, but I felt that the movie "Alice in Wonderland" was at least a bit about woman empowerment. Not only was  a girl shown making decisions about her life and not toying to her parents/society ideas of that she should do. The hero or should I say the Heroine and Villain of the story were women (in a way) while the men were to just fill out roles without any initiative. Would do you think?


Today is Sunday, tomorrow is of course Monday and then Tuesday is holiday from work due to Gudi Padwa. Still don't know whether it was worth writing in a blog post. hmmm..


One of my best friends Mahendra Bhatt has left our company and he will be missed a lot by one and all. Kind of like Justice League without "Superman". Of course being together in college and also at work, totaling about 7 yrs  is going to leave a huge gap to be filled, even if we meet every weekend. Because it is one thing to meet every weekend and another to work everyday together. Still life has to go on. Mahendra Bhatt is and will always be one of my best friends. I think we can talk for hours about anything and we never have enough time to talk about things from science to movies. I have always admired him for his super talents and always believed he is destined for some great things. Take care and best of luck. 


I have to change topic before I get too sentimental, which creates problems. Problems like dreaming about saving your ex-girl friend from zombie attack. Weird, very weird.  I agree its irrational, but dreams rarely are rational.


Football wise, Arsenal won once again thanks to Bendtner. In F1, Force India secured two points, while my two favorite drivers, Hamilton and Vettel finished 3rd and 4th respectively.  Indian Driver Karun Chandok could not finish due to car failure.


Well I think thats enough mish-mash for today. More soon.

"soon?" I think so!

Movie Time

Alice in Wonderland:-

A good fantasy movie with good script, funny moments, typical good ending.

Johnny Depp and Helena B. Carter were stunning while others in the cast were perfect.

Effects were smooth and excellent and 3-D bits were subtle and not over-the-top or forced (don't expect Avatar).

Music was apt throughout. 

Not too many faults, very enjoyable if you don't hate fantasy movies.

p.s. I don't how much faithful it is to the original story, as I haven't read it.


Avatar :-

Well not much to say. I watched Avatar in 3-D at IMAX again. And loved it a lot. I still think it should have won Oscar for Best Picture. Because its not a movie its a phenomenon, an experience. I believe, you can make movies like "Hurt Locker" (I haven't seen it) again, but a movie like Avatar is rare. So.


Also watched two movies on TV.

K-PAX :-

very good in the weird movies category, very thrilling and brilliant acting by Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges.. watched it twice... good dialogues and unusual ending...a kind of "I won't blink so that I don't miss anything." 

Mr. Brooks:-

a good serial killer movie to start with, the last half could have been better but acting was spot on, and so was the script otherwise. Still "American Psycho" staring Christian Bale was better than this.