Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Ok…. I couldn’t find a better start to the post.

The start is about spectacles (glasses). And its prominence among young kids I have seen.

I don’t have any statistics to back this trend, but I am seeing more kids with specs than I had seen a decade back.

Anyone notice that?


What was that above… was static….like in FM radio…when my brain goes blank…

I am hungry, it as if a rock show is going on in my stomach.

But I will type on……………

Day, nothing type worthy.

Only news being, the number of Canadians at my workplace has gone up to two.

JP and I joked, saying that is what you call Insourcing.

After downloading a new game to my mobile, I am having bore-free bus journeys.

Currently I am playing *Why Chicken Why*, got it from

It’s addictive, but without save game feature, but you won’t notice it.

Other game that I got was *Attack Paddle*, its fun too.

Damn! This cool stitched Raymond shirt that I got isn’t wrinkle resistant, so it does get a few wrinkles after reaching my office. But its colour is cool, and hell, its Raymond, its my favourite.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Short post.....

Good Evening Blog-reader!!!!!!!

The day began on a *late* note.

Got up late, and reached office late (partly due to traffic).

The fever which kept me out of action didn’t show any signs of a return.

But the combo of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine dosage will continue.

Post will be cut short because I came late from work, and have to go early, so that I can come early and post a better post.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dhoom-2 review

By Sanket ‘dhoom dhoom’ Kambli

I won’t divulge much into the story.

What the movie has?

Looks stylish, stunts are great by Bolly-standards.

High speed chases, free-falls, etc will keep you hooked.

Story is full of loopholes and is predictable, and is more about sequences set around the heists.

The last heist in the movie is innovative but lacks thrill of other heists.

Hrithik Roshan is the only real acting talent in this movie.

He steals the thunder from every actor in this movie.

Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu look hot.

Abhishekh is thrown into Hrithik’s shadow.

Uday Chopra chips in with his *phaltu* jokes.

Rimi Sen has a brief and forgettable role of Jai’s pregnant, cribbing wife.

The romance between Hrithik and Ash lacks chemistry, and I don’t think Hritik should be blamed for it.

A time pass movie.

Its Monday night…..

After recuperating from fever, I am sitting here, trying to get a few words out of mind onto this post.

Since last post many things have happened.

Let’s see.

Didn’t go to work today (Monday), as I had fever.

On Saturday Saw Dhoom-2! (Review will be posted soon)

Plan of meeting a Jr. College friend on Friday got crashed.

Indian cricket team and Arsenal both lost their respective away games.

Today is my sister’s birthday!

MCA exams are from 27th Jan. to 3rd Feb.

Missed auto-car show held @MMRDA grounds due to fever.