Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am back

Well not completely, as I will go into hibernation again since my exams are not over yet.

In past few days, I managed to do some things worth mentioning here.

I got myself a haircut, clean shave, face & head massage (Cost Rs.85).

I successfully recalled all the theory answers of SS/DCN/OS/Unix that I had fed in my brain a day before the exam.

I have got GPRS of my cell phone enabled, thanks to MTNL’s scheme of zero rentals for GPRS.

Two more kid fishes were born but they were dead in spite of being separated out from other large fishes, which would have at them anyway.

My exam center > Menon College is pathetic. Bad benches, wrongly placed ceiling fans, proximity to railway tracks, and sharing the bench with 11th standard kids makes writing exams a physical torture, as questions papers anyway put me through mental torture.

India drew the test series against England but managed to win the first ODI against them.

Even arsenal beat Juventus comprehensively with a score of 2-0, thanks to strikes from Fabregas and Henry.

My mom got a new Discman with small speakers (to be put in kitchen) to entertain herself with some Hindi classics while cooking food.

The two indoor plants that dad had brought are alive and looking healthy.

Our exam papers consist of two types of question sets, one based on revised course (for us) and the other based on old course. And each of these sets have two sections, one for OS concepts and other for Unix concepts, now the reason for saying all this is that, I wrote the wrong set(old course) of questions for the Unix section. Now I am hoping against hope that god and university consider my efforts and donate me some marks for it.

I feel bad because I couldn’t help my friend deal with his depression. It all began with a bad paper of SS/DCN that left a very bad aftertaste in his mind. I thought he would recover but his absence from the next exam paper was proof that my judgment was wrong. A potential good programming talent will have to waste lot of valuable learning the things which he already knows.

While another guy from my group is still cribbing that his first two papers have gone really bad, we are not sure whether he is saying the truth or not.

It’s funny. Life, which at one moment looked very drab or boring, suddenly involves you in events which sometimes stir you, or leave you shaken.

A palm tree may sway wildly in storms. But after the storms run out of power, you see the palm tree still rooted in its place, waiting for the next storm.

I declare the same, bring it on, I am ready for anything,


P.S. If next post doesn't come soon, it will surely be here on 4th April.