Sunday, January 31, 2010

kambaqt taqdeer (damn luck) and Ishqiya experience

Arsenal lost 1-3 to ManU, this means that only miracles can keep Arsenal in the title race. Fingers Crossed! 
Watched  Matchpoint, a dramatic thriller film written and directed by Woody Allen. I am not an admirer of Woody Allen, but I like this movie. 
And I enjoyed watching 'Ishqiya'. This movie is fast paced story of crime taking place in so called "middle india" or "indian hinterland". Its not preachy, its not lengthy, it hasn't even got message. But its enjoyable, only if you can ignore the "dehati gaali". Arshad Warsi is the show-stealer, and Naseeruddin Shah gives another credible performance and never letting his brilliance overshadow Arshad's emergence. I also liked Vidya Balan's act in this movie, while other actors seemed perfectly authentic and natural in their characters. The script/dialogues are witty/smart and if serious never out of place. In the end this movie feels like a "Spaghetti Western". I won't spoil your experience by telling the theme and story of this movie. Don't compare it to Tarantino's work but I am sure its not really far from his excellent style. Kudos to everyone who made this movie possible. Watch it guys, and avoid it if you like sugar-coated conservative stories.
Missed "Veer", which in the end turned out to be blessing, as my friends did not really praise the movie.
Its getting late, I need to sleep. 
Adios Amigo!

Finally I did it!!

So finally I did it. After nearly a year I got my hair cut. It had grown reasonably long, almost till my shoulder, and my hair had natural "step cut" as described by my sister. Anyway, now all of that is gone. And with that goes away, oiling-massage-washing-drying process that took away precious time of my routine. Now there is no worry of all that and I can be carefree about them, no typing bandana etc. Still I fondly miss my hair, that were a great accessory to use while head-banging to heavy metal music. Now my bandana's need to folded and be placed in the drawer, and I need to buy a new cap. Vanity aside, I was really determined to grow my hair even longer, but insistence from some people I love, made me go for a snip. Heck! I was almost rivaling Hrithik Roshan's current look (for the movie 'Kites'). Of course, that would be like comparing Taj Mahal (his looks) to Biwi Ka Maqbara (my looks). So enough of self-depreciating humor. I love trying out new styles, be it, hair styles or beard styles. I like change, at least for things I can change, hate to do the same thing over and again. Of course, it doesn't apply to everything, but still.  
Adios to you all. 
And also adios to my long hair! may they stay happy without me. :(