Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shreewardhan Bike Ride

Please reduce the volume as there is lot of wind chatter. The video was taken by my friend while I was riding along the Shreewardhan beach. Beautiful beach!!!

==low quality video==

Football Mania

I know FIFA World Cup 2010 has already began, but I had something to talk about its effects on me. Its not easy deciding which team to support as some players I like are spread around in different nations. Anyway, looking at team lineups my favorites are Spain, Argentina, Germany, Holland. 

But that is not what I am writing about here. Right now, I am sitting here typing, as my head is hurting, throat is itching, and eyes are drowsy. But the spirit of football is keeping me awake. Awake so that I can watch late matches (11.50 PM). 

And consecutive days of watching late matches will surely take a heavy toll on my health, and also my ability to focus at work. So I may have to miss some matches, or parts of it and rely on highlights. But at least the weekend will be devoted to football. 

Well, thats all, I have to say for now. adios!!