Monday, July 20, 2009

Adventures and many more things!

Lots of things missing, so lets make it fast.
11-12 July 2009 were spent in enjoying the scenic environs of matheran.
Highlight of the whole trip was "Valley Crossing". As you can see below, it was adrenaline rushing fun activity.

As opposed to last time, we walked down from matheran to neral station, which is a 2-3 hours hike. It really was a good way to conclude the trip. The view is lush green, and one can see the meandering narrow gauge rail track playing hide and seek.
On the hill, like last time we were not able to see half the points, because of paucity of time. We just watched the usual points like, Echo Point, Lord Point, Charlotte Lake, and Washed-Out-Trail Point. I still haven't seen One-Tree Hill, Panaroma Point, among others. So better luck next time.

After that, the week has been pretty mundane, save for my PC monitor malfunctioning, and requiring 600 rupees to fix it. So...

More things soon, and more regularly.