Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike Ride from Mumbai to Pune and back

Date:- 15 May 2011
Duration:- 8-9 hours
Distance Covered:- 320 kms
Journey:- Thane - Panvel - Khopoli - Lonavala - Pune and back !!!!
Average Speed:- 70-80 kmph on empty roads, otherwise 50-60 kmph
Fuel Economy:- Not Available :)

Experience:- My first ever solo (at least one way) bike ride ever. And also first ever bike ride to Pune. NH4 is absolutely brilliant. In parts it has bad surfaces, but otherwise it has all the twists and flats to enjoy riding a bike. It was great to ride the bike on the Mumbai Pune expressway, if only for short distance.

Honda Twister:- Amazing power delivery for a 110cc bike, it is able to keep up with traffic, except powerful cars and bigger bikes. With good enough stopping power it is reassuring. Seat is comfortable, but this is not a cruiser, so I didn't expect sofa like comfort. Crosswinds and high speeds are not good combination for such a light bike, yet it holds its line in most cases. Solid and pleasing performance.