Saturday, January 05, 2008

First Weekend of 2008

In the new year. All that I can do to make my weekends less boring is to hope that MSEB(MSEDC) reduces the number of hours of lead shedding. Thankfully, the power is cut from 9.30 to 11.30 and then 1-3 in the noon, totaling to 4 hours but not at stretch. Still installing a sort of UPS is stupid, as on weekdays during the power cuts I am not at home.
I am contemplating on upgrading my bike riding gear, new set of gloves are already on the cards, and maybe add knee and elbow pads(speculative!)
Some people I know are in love, which is a good thing for them at least. I hope their love stays eternal. And not like some bollywood affairs.
Being a bit of nicholas cage fan, I will try and watch National Treasure 2.
Among Bollywood movies right now, only Jodha-Akbar has me all excited.
Right now I am listening to lots of songs by the band The Doors.
Last week at our office we ordered Chicken Masala from ICH Canteen(Seepz, Andheri). And it was a far better deal, than what you get at KayDee's canteen(Seepz, Andheri), where chicken is not cooked enough so its not soft enough.