Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some of my experiences on my bike Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSI UG3

*>Wet roads freak me out!
I have managed to slide on wet roads thrice>
twice on my bicycle(hercules Canon Barrel)
and once .........

*>There are times, when heavy traffic roads have space for bikes on the left side,
and when a rickshaw ends up blocking such spaces, it irritates me immensly, i.e. of course if
I overlook their habit of sverving/turning without showing any signs.

*>Sometimes I forget to turn the petrol knob on!

*>When I get bored on long rides, I sing some songs(of course I have helmet on!)

*>While riding pillion, I have habit of thinking of all the mistakes the rider is making while riding.

*>On night rides, I use the horn and pass switch together to create a audio-visual symphony,
so next time you see a honking blue pulsar 180 UG3 with a blinking headlight, it could be me.

*>My pulsar's headlight sucks! And having no bajaj service center close by, sucks even more.

*>A simple rule of using both brakes(front and rear) that I always remembered except once.
I was riding at a speed of approx. 10kmph,
mom was riding pillion, a utility rickshaw was in front of me,
it braked suddenly, I did the same, but use only the front discs,
front wheel locked, bike slid forth,
i jerked the handle to avoid head-on collision, escaped with a sligth scratch on mud-guard and headlight glass.he he he!!!

*>Hard braking while coming down flyovers can lead to wheel lockups(I have been lucky to avoid them)

*>Many office going bike/scooter riders...drag their feet...a lot.... while riding slow...for quite a distance...

*>I am still not good at leaning the bike during left corners as compared to right corners

*> found out from a bike magazine this interesting fact..
that my pulsar 180 has the best 0-60 aceeleration after karizma....better then Pulsar-200..Pulsar-220...I am loving it!!!!

*>Sometimes, on short trips on highways, I purposely ride slow, at speeds of about 40-50 kmph, so that the road doesn't end quickly, so as to enjoy the ride for a longer time.

*>Thats all for now......