Friday, December 06, 2013

thorns in her.. heart..

maybe its not the same,
                     or my senses have gone dull
the pain remains effervescent,
                    bubbles back frequently
not sure I would deal with it,
                    I end up making mess of it
its either temper that plays foul,
                   or ego that comes in the way
eventually its tears glistening her eyes
                  that makes my heart skip a beat
my tears can be held back
                  letting them flow makes no sense
the thorns in her heart can be plucked
                 by words of love and care maybe

dormant rebel

the fire rages within me,
                        lulls me into thinking
a thought that escapes logic,
                        whether I really have tamed it
they say you can tame the wild,
                        the spirit that was always free
may be it can be tied down,
                        or held in a cage of misdirection
for how long can you really hold,
                        eventually it will spill out
like hot lava of emotions that is spewed,
                       from a dormant volcano of our soul