Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The suspicious neighbor

voice1: I can't see anything.
voice2: look again
v1: really..I can't ... wait! I can see movement..
v2: See I told you..what do you see ?
v1: This is not good, it is quite big!
v2: How big?
v1: Come on! I can't measure with my eyes..
v2: Is is still there?
v1: Its still at the door.
v2: so what do you think?
v1: can't really guess the motive..but you know how bad I am at judging.
v2: that is true
v1: "sigh of relief" ......the rat is gone !
v2: my nerves have been calmed by this news
v1: So we are safe for now..
v2: for now...don't know for how long..

At peace, he sits down staring at photo frames of friends and relatives.
Breeze blew in through a half open window rustling a pile of newspapers.

He places a large knife on the pile. Picks up a dart and throws with fury on dart board to his left side, all the while screaming

"Why wasn't I alert at that time"

A cuckoo flutters into the window, eyes fixed on its beauty, he mutters.
"Birds always fascinated him, they still do."

Suddenly he gets up. mumbles to self: "Stay focussed"

Goes across the room, flicks on his TV, and runs a DVD.

He stares at the screen as the speakers blurt out a news report.

Car bomb blast kills 50, injures 90.
Suspected bomber found dead at blast site.

A family of five whose car was closest to the terror car coincidently were later identified as neighbors of the suspected terrorist who was living in a leased flat next door.

Tears drop down from his eyes..."Only if I had...."