Sunday, April 19, 2009

Danny The Dog.....and other things

I am a big fan of Jet-Li. I try to make sure I never miss any of his movies.
He is a very good actor and no doubt about his amazing martial arts skills.
Just yesterday I saw his movie: Danny The Dog.
A very good movie, and a very underestimated one indeed. It so good that I think I won't mind watching it more than once. And to top it all, the movie has Morgan Freeman in it, doing what he does best. Still this movie is all about Jet-Li doing a role I have never seen him do in another movie. Yes, he did act in somewhat similar manner in a few scenes of his Chinese flick (Tai-Chi Master). But that was only a small part in a different way, this was more wholesome. Do watch it, if you don't mind little bit of fighting, as it has got soul.
Another weekend coming to an end, with two back to back posts. wow!
A quick mention: I am a big fan of rose flavored peppermint pellets called ColdStar. They are sold mostly at Mumbai railways station food stalls. They are manufactured by Volga Confectionary, Bombay 11. For those who still don't remember them, they are small pellets packed in an pen-drive sized packing. They are also available in the standard flavor(peppermint) or the one I like rose-flavored.
Thats all for now. Take care!

My first post through mail

Blogger has provided this facility with which I can blog from my mail.
Yesterday in FA Cup Semi-final Arsenal deserved to loose against Chelsea.
I don't know why we did not play Song/Arshavin and also why were Persie/Fabregas quiet in terms of performance.
Anyway, no point in crying over what is a lost game and Cup.
In F1, Force India drivers did not get a single point, again. At least they completed the race.
It was second sunday of yoga sessions. And slowly I can feel that I can sustain "Vajrasana" posture longer than I was able to do earlier, still sooner or later pain does set in. Still, "Padmasana" posture is proving to be relatively pain free. (p.s. pain is only in the "extensor digitorium"). I will need a lot of practice to master these initial exercises as its been a long time since I practiced yoga.
I have an opinion that the T-shirt range at "Loot" (which is a clothing store) is not that cool and most of it is overpriced. Even though they sell branded clothes, the range offered at "Lifestyle" (another clothing store) is better. Note that this opinion is based on comparing "Loot" store of Thane and "Lifestyle" store of Mulund. But "Loot" seemed better than "Shopper Stop" who had crappy range. So, only "Globus" can compete with "Lifestyle" in terms of quality, variety and style.
It clearly looks like I have managed to type a lot, even though I had not planned to type all this. I guess sometimes things just flow out.
Take care people. I will be back. Adios!