Thursday, March 16, 2006

My weblog has crossed the 1000 visitor mark!!!!!

Thank You, all of you, for wasting your valuable time reading my weblog.

---it’s around 12AM, my family is asleep while my pet fishes are still actively paddling around, inspiring me to go on.

---its nearing 1 AM and I am unable to keep myself awake, time to go to sleep now, got to wake up and finish off Data Communication and Networking(DCN) studies.

---its nearing 10 AM I woke up about an hour ago or so, and completed my morning ritual of bath, breakfast, etc

---I will begin DCN studies, once I get through with checking mails, etc.

---Its almost 4 PM, after having lunch, studying DCN, tried to watch TV, but couldn’t find anything worth watching.

---Got to know that my exam center will be Menon College, Bhandup

---Listened to Santana’s latest album and the song Hotel California. It is a relaxing experience to hear a strumming guitar.

---I haven’t shaved since many days and I am starting to resemble Himesh Reshmiya (the werewolf style singer). Even my hair has grown and is no more my usual short style.

---The number of occupants have increased in our housing complex have increased and the builder hasn’t yet increased the number of water lines, so we are facing a minor shortage of water. The builder has promised to solve the problem in a few days. Let’s hope so.

---Its more of a miracle than anything else, as the MSEB guys have made the load-shedding in out locality almost non-existent. And things are so good around here that we have had a day when there was absolutely no power cut, not even for a minute. Though it is rumored that MSEB (now called MSEDC), will get back to its bad old ways, as they are waiting till the completion of the important SSC exams. I don’t like it, but anyway, it's like, have fun as long as it lasts.

---The food I had today, other than the usual was, Potato Wafers, Pastry, Mirinda, and Cheese, Fried Potato/Brinjal; I have a high metabolism rate so don’t have to worry about gaining weight, and all I need to do is, do some cycling to loose any extra flab gain along my waist.

---Its around 10PM, my family is watching Sangam (yaar, the old movie), not a bad movie, at least better than the junk we are forced to watch nowadays.

---Rode my bicycle after a long time, a refreshing change, dying to go for it again.

Time to go, have to take care of unfinished businesses. See you tomorrow guys!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I wil try but can't assure you.

Yes. I really I can't assure that I will post regularly, at least for a few days, as I have got my final exams coming up. They begin from 22nd of this month and stretch till 10th April. These exams are do-or-die situation for me. They decide whether I graduate successfully or not.
From the day of my last post, things around me have been like a see-saw.

There were days when I managed to put up some disciplined effort towards my studies, and there were days when concentrating on my studies was impossible.

In all these days(till15th mrach to be accurate) ,

>We got out final exam hall ticket (this is a kind of Id-card).

>Instead of having my usual Zebra Tort Pastry, I ate the creamy Black Forest pastry (YUMMY!!).

>Holi festival went by, as it had for the last 5 years, not very eventful.

>Sports: Indian cricket team is performing well, and while arsenal are through to the quarter final after beating real Madrid (feels good), bayern munchen had no such luck (sad!).
My F1 favorite Kimi Raikkonen(forgive the spelling mistake if any) came third after starting from the back of the grid(hurray).

>Tried the cool Yahoo Widgets software.

>Have been tying to open a password locked MS Word file using a software but without any success.

>Visited Thane East (I spent my childhood here) with a feeling of nostalgia.

>Had a slight drizzle for a few days ago, making the climate cool/overcast/breezy (awesome!!!)

>My sleeping & exercising patterns have become terribly inconsistent; will need to take care of them.

>My cousin sister and her family visited us last Sunday, they and my folks had planned to meet my cousin’s fiancĂ© at our place(Why??). And since this match fixing was of the arranged marriage variety, it again ticked off the confusion in my head about arranged and love marriage. I know the merits/demerits of both, and if both the systems are brought together, it would be an efficient system. But the problem is, this mixed system will not be easily accepted by my family/relatives, since for them it is not the traditional way.
Now for a 20 year old on the verge of his graduation, marriage must be the last thing to think about. I agree, but situations create such thoughts and make me think about life 5-6 years down the line. Anyway this issue about marriages, will halt, for now at least. Since anyway it can be taken care of later, like I cleared out the confusion between friendship and love.

That is all I can manage to think.

Will try and post regularly from tomorrow, so that I am not left with backlog, like today.