Friday, July 23, 2010

Khatta Meetha : Movie Review

Let us first talk about the hatred of critics and "so-called" sophisticated moviegoers with regards to Akshay Kumar and his movies.

He never claims any of his movies to be life-changing movies with a social message or poignant dramas.

Still if they find out Akki's movie is comedy they go expecting Hera-Pheri.

If they know that it is action, they think they will get Die Hard.

If it is serious they think it will be a satritical/black comedy etc like RDB, rajneeti, dr strangelove.

If he does something different like Tasverr 8x10, they don't even bother to watch
and so on.

When in reality his movies are really simple, they try to entertain, banking on him, and trying to sell to people what they had liked in him.

Of course most of the aforementioned people dislike it.
They complain he doesn't experiment like Aamir Mamu, well since his efforts are never appreciated he doesn't mind the mindless entertainers.  At least, that way, he keeps getting paid and so do the film technicians and also the film critics. 

Well since I am not a critic, but just a movie lover. Lets not fall into same Akki-bashing routine.

Lets talk about Akki's latest movie.

It is khatta-meetha.

Its like eating noodles, as you slurp the noodles, it takes time for the long noodle to end up in your mouth, only then releasing true mix of taste. But not everyone likes noodles.

So in short its a mix of comedy-melodrama-social issue-action in typical Akki style.

Johnny lever in cameo is hilarious as usual.

Rajpal Yadav stay in character, plays it best in his style.

Akshay Kumar grips each scene and keeps you entertained.

Other good actors in different roles are competent and not sloppy.

Trisha Krishnan may not win too many fans due to her looks, but then her acting was also not superb. While Urvashi Sharma looks stunning.

Direction and camera work has no fault. Like I said, plot is like a bowl of noodles.

Dialogues are witty/sarcastic when trying to be funny, yet the social awareness ones are not too preachy.

A song or two feels forced.

First half is stretched too long.

Since it doesn't cater to any specific kind of audience, it maybe its only biggest disadvantage.

It has little bit of everything, but not everything for everyone to like it.

So all those with expectations of avantgarde cinema, stay at home. Others who don't mind giving Akshay Kumar a chance to impress you, then give it a try.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception: quick movie review

Watched Inception, and I want to watch it again. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio fans shouldn't miss this. If that is enough reason for you to watch this sci-fi/action/thriller, then don't think any more, just go and watch it. 

For others who are less convinced, here are a few more reasons.

It cannot be slotted as sci-fi or thriller or action/adventure. It is something of all. 

Go with an open mind, you will enjoy it. Go with skeptical mind, you will analyze and debate it.

Acting is perfect, style and cinematography is pristine. 

No over the top special effects. 

Pacy and intricate storyline, competent plot, sufficient thrill, open ended climax and a mysteriously enticing intelligent concept backing it up.