Friday, March 27, 2009

I have successfully completed my post-graduate degree program

Yes, I have successfully completed MCA.
MCA stands for Masters in Computer Applications, its a post graduate degree offered by Sikkim Manipal University which I completed through their distance learning facility. MCA degree follows my graduation degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University.
This doesn't mean I am going to stop studying, I will continue it as long as it is financially viable. But right now I am not sure if my furthur education should continue in the field of technology or should it branch out into management. That is some food for thought.
And I finally saw the movie "Ocean's 13" and "Michael Clayton", both starring George Clooney, and both satisfyingly entertaining movies, albiet of different genre's.
I haven't shaved for a week or so, and this vegetation on my face needs to be trimmed, or else I will start looking like Tom Hanks from the movie "Cast Away".
Adios for now~