Sunday, October 30, 2011

Withdrawal Symptoms

Yeah I am showing withdrawal symptoms due to 5 day long vacation from work. Getting back to work after a break of 5 days is not an easy task. Alarms, schedules and routine have to be reset again. Usually 3 day break is enough for me to face this problem, adding 2 more days is always going to complicate things.
I have been careless with my health these last few days or should I say weeks, eating junk food, late night movies, fizz drinks, no workouts, etc. So I need to fix up that part of routine too. Oh no! its not part of any new year resolution. I can't wait for two more months and let things deteriorate further.
My mind just went blank. I don't know what else to type. It happens sometimes. When I have lots of thoughts but by the time I am ready to write/type them they hide themselves. Its like Anil Kapoor from Mr. India, and looking through red colored glass doesn't help.
Winter is sure to mark its arrival soon, and I hope it chills a bit more than usual. Even though I am not a fan of cold climates, I love change. And since it has been raining crazily in monsoon, I hope it cools well enough in winter. So that I can go on a nice bike trip or a trek to Torna Fort.
Yeah! Torna fort! plans have been made to go to this fort for more than 2-3 years, but never have these plans been put to action. One of my dear friends has said she wants to go for a trek, somethings I promised her many year back. But Torna fort is not for beginners. So I am still thinking which would be a easier trek to go for. Will post about it when I decide.
RaOne (I know, but not jokes please) and InTime are movies to watch out for coming weekend.
Arsenal had a terrible start to the season so far, but we are recovering and proving recovery by beating the cunts from stamford bridge 5-3.
First every Formula One Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit was superb. S. Vettel is currently class apart. Lewis Hamilton is crazy and imperfect driver but always eventful. Force India could do better.
Have been listening to some Indian bands recently. "The Echoes", "Skinny Alley" and "Menwhopause". Will post reviews as soon as I can.
Well I hope that's all for now. More, soon than later

One more tag post

One more tag post.
1. Do you have any favorite movies? If so, then which ones?
uhh.. lots of movies in this list. Almost of all genres. I love movies. Lets talk in terms of 2011 releases. Super 8, Kung Fu Panda 2, Xmen First Class, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Cars 2, Source Code, The fighter, Unknown, Adjustment Bureau.... and many more.. see I told you, list for a year itself is endless. 

2. Favorite actors/actresses? Is there any specific reason to why these are your favorites?
This isn't easier than the previous. But current favorite for 2011 among actors are Cristian Bale, closely followed by Jake Gyllenhaal, Matt Damon, James McAvoy, Alan Rickman and Kevin Bacon.
Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Uma Thurman, Sandra Bullock, Ellen Page, Emma Watson, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep round up the all time favorite actress list. 

3. Which TV-series do you follow?
None currently, but I did follow Dexter, Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Burn Notice, How I met your mother, and Kekkaishi. 

4. Which is the best environment for watching a movie?
Anywhere. I can watch movies with anyone, anywhere or for that matter alone. Even though I used to do it earlier,  I haven't watched a movie in theater all alone recently.

5. Unless you’re an omnivore ;P, which kind of movies would you rather avoid?
None. I watch them all. 

6. Which is the scariest horror movie you’ve ever seen? How did it affect you?
When I was a kid, I was scared of horror movies, even crappy hindi horror movies. But recently only the Japanese version of  "The Grudge" series could provide me with the chills. 

Behind the Wordages

Thanks to Shomoita for the tag, check out her excellent blog >> , after reading through mine.

1.  What encouraged you to create your own blog and write the very first meaningful blog post?

Well I found out that my blogging began on Sunday, January 16, 2005. I tried blogging out of curiosity. Just to try it out, and use the only decent skill I have i.e. writing, and since then I am trying to write the best blog post ever. The operative word here being "trying". Anyway my first post was barely meaningful, it was verging more towards ridiculous. Well things have not exactly looked up since then. I have seen many of my friends start blogging and then give up, some even deleted their blogs. I can't think of such a thing. After 6 years of posting, I am emotionally attached to my blog. Even though I don't blog regularly, I am not giving up on it. As long as exists, this blog will survive. 

2.  Do you still have the same old reasons to blog or something new added up?  

Reasons are still the same. Just to write stuff. Of course, "stuff" doesn't equal literary genius.  And this stuff has evolved over the years, but it hasn't taken any concrete form. 

Well that's enough of introspection. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I will post more regularly thanks to inspiration from all of my dear readers.