Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dum Maaro Dum - movie review

One of the better films. Script is short, so it is stretched with tolerable songs and a couple of useless scenes. Movie never gets preachy. Dialogues are good, not irritative.

Camera work is excellent except when it comes to fight scenes. They have sprinkling of Goan/Portuguese(?my guess?) words, but its not overdone. Suspense is good, the fizz provided by it is fun too. A bit lacking logic at times, the plot remains believable.

So AB Jr. doesn't disappoint. No complaints, good performance from him.

Prateik Babbar continues to shine but needs more screen time than what was given to him. And also he needs kick ass dialogues if he wants to be a star and not just an actor.

Veteran actor Govind Namdeo is solid

while actor from down south Rana Daggubati is good too, and is perfect for role of Goan boy

Aditya Pancholi continues to be a good(!!) villain.

Now eye-candy is good for those who think Bipasha is hot (me)

and also for those who think Skinny-Bonny Deepika is hot.

And finally Goa. Now I have not been to Goa, I mean going there as a kid (when I was in class 4th) doesn't count. So I don't know how much authentic it is as compared to what is show in DMD, but it looked authentic enough.

They tried to capture all possible moods of Goa and it comes out as competent effort. The drugs part won't scare people away from Goa, but at least it will alarm the ignorant ones. Anyway, a bit more pace, a bit more thrill, and more superb one-liners and this movie would have been perfect.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TV stuff.. what I see..what I could see.. what I dont see..what I did see

I have never been able watch TV serials regularly. Either I would forget or I would not remember.

But since last few weeks I have consistently tried to watch all episodes of two TV serials.

Ok, they are not soaps/sitcoms. They are animated series shown on two different channels.

First one is "Kekkaishi" shown on Animax. It is action packed magic/ghost/demon themed anime based on manga (comics) of same name. It has original Japanese voice with english subtitles, which means we have to read the dialgoues to understand whats going on, but it is fun to listen to original Japanese words/phrases.

Second one is "Penguins of Madagascar" shown on Nickelodeon. It is a spinoff from hit movie "Madagascar" and has some famous characters from that movie. It is funny.

At the same time of this show on Nick, there is horror mini series on Animax called "Fear Itself". It is creepy, gross, and very good horror. Some episodes are good, some seem inspired while a few are over the top. But for a TV series its good.

On weekends I try to watch "Oggy and the cockroaches", whenever I can. Best is to watch it in Hindi dubbing, it is hilarious.

And Simpsons too, which needs no introduction.

There are other animes on Animax that I find interesting, but not able to watch them because either I don't remember their schedule or it is aired when I am not at home. (Bleach, Blassreiter, Gurren Lagann, Idaten Jump, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan)

I used to watch Inuyasha too, but missed so many episodes that link is broken and I cant make head or tail of the new characters.

"Burn Notice" is another favorite for being smart/cool/tough/thrilling/action all at the same time.

Among other TV serials.

"Big Bang Theory" shown on Monday is another favorite of mine.

I like "House", "Spartacus Blood and Sand", "How I Met Your Mother", "Parks and Recreation", "Vegas" and "The Mentalist" too. But again don't watch it regularly.

Of course reruns of "Friends" episodes never get boring. There are more TV shows that I watch occasionally, so if I list them out, this list would keep growing.

So that is all for now. Will come back with more stuff soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Chinese F1 GP:-

A thrilling race, eventually won by Lewis Hamilton after some hard driving and perfect team strategy.
He ended Vettel's winning streak who finished 2nd.
Webber drove astonishingly to finish 3rd after starting from 18th on the grid.
Button missed podium finish for McLaren as he came 4th,
ahead of Rosberg who had a see-saw race.
Ferrari continued to disappoint with Massa 6th and Alonso 7th.
Schumi was 8th, while Petrov and Kobayashi rounded up 9th and 10th scoring positions.
Force India drivers missed scoring points by finishing 11th(Di Resta) and 15th (Sutil).

And finally Karthikeyan's car lasted the whole race as he came last.

-->>>>> Hamilton is my favorite and I like Vettel for his consistency. So its good both are doing well.


Thank You (mini film review):-
Akshay Kumar the usual cunning/smart hero. Not boring but not as different as "Patiala House".
Real showstealers Irfan Khan and Suniel Shetty, both of them so comfortably funny in their own distinct ways.
Sonam looks starved. Rimi Sen still steals my heart. Celina Jaitley still the same, same as in (No Entry, Golmaal2)
Bobby Deol was average. Remaining cast of actors just to fill up space.
A few decent one-liners, but otherwise average script.
Story is fluffy but at least it is present.
Movie is full of unnecessary songs. Overdone theme tune is not irritating.


I don't know why I am behaving like a sadist and watching not so good movies and missing out on good movies.


I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. ~Pablo Picasso

Man’s greatness is not in what he is but in what he makes possible.

-->> love these quotes...


Dont darofy !! simply karofy !!! just mohabbat !!! just mohabbat !!!

This is tune from a hit sitcom called "Just Mohabbat" which I watched when I was in school. It was fun and this tune always improves my mood.


Nikon D3X ..World's best DSLR camera...24.5 megapixel professional-grade full frame (35mm) .... costs only 5,50,000 rupees that isn't super expensive then what is.


Sprite (fizz drink) .. their tagline... "First Drink ... Then Think"

If Sprite was a beer brand.... their tagline should be....

"First Drink...Then...No Need To Think"