Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots of....

Its been two days and now my knee feels better. Oh! yes I forgot, I scrapped my knee.
It happened on IIT road. Only familiar with this stretch know it is treacherous. Skidded into gutter of mud, broke headlight glass, and a scrapped my knee. Helmet and jacket saved me from more damage. But knee protectors were in my bag, if I had not been lazy to wear them then pain would have been less. Headlight glass is fixed, so road-runner(my bike) is fine, just makes a rattling sound a bit at high speeds. Knee has grazed wound, not too deep, but still not superficial. To avoid septic condition, I went to a nursing home and got the wound cleaned for fifty bucks. Now I walk around with bandaged knee, and since it isn't raining I still ride to office.
But sunday and sautrday were fun!
Saturday in short->
Visited the famous Mahalakshmi Temple (Mumbai),
then visited Nehru Science Centre.... that was the best part.... roamed till our legs could take it....saw a lot of things...learnt a lot....skipped two floors....will do next time...
Went to heera panna shopping centre for Nintendo DS Hack.
It was a great mumbai trip, riding in taxi. (p.s. I live in suburbs)

Sunday was even more.....
Went to Gateway of India... got overwhelmed by crowd.
Went to Cafe Leopold, since I don't drink alcohol and now have sore throat. I just drank water.
It was great experience, and my first one. more....some time later...
We also ............sorry have to cut short...I am late for work.....damn,..... damn... sorry to be continued.....
ok...yes..also went to "Not just jazz by the bay"  and Prince of wales museum (now called shivaji museum) ...also to girgaum chowpatty.... ok enough ...more details next time.adios

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