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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My second baby step in this world of weblog

OK enough of jokes this is my 2nd blog. And let us see what stuff should be placed in here, I like cycling. I 1st rode a bicycle when I was 8 year old, I used to ride bicycles earlier but they were not mine. I got a bicycle called roadster and liked racing it, against just about any vehicle. Since my neighborhood was residential, the vehicles maintained a minimum speed, and with the help of this and the speed breakers, I could manage to overtake most of them, overtaking and maintaining lead was my only objective while riding my bicycle. I didn’t care about the pleasures of slow riding. But one thing which I kept in mind was never race against motorbikes, whether they are 100cc or 250cc, they are damn swift. Fellow cycle riders never posed any challenge and except one, no rider has ever managed to go faster than me, Ok the roadster was a small bike, after three years, I got myself a mountain terrain bicycle, it had no gear system, well there were only two models of geared bikes available, and one was a racing bike and other was very heavy, it was always recommended to own a terrain bike, because my city had certain roads which were very bad. The new bike was called Cannon Barrel, design wise it was fresh, and I got a lot of turning heads. I still like riding, but now I prefer long distances, riding on highways is amazing, but now the racing is toned down, now its all about cruising along on a long winding road, cycling as a sport is not much supported or promoted in my country, or else surely, one day I would have been gunning for Tour de France. Well that was my bicycle story, next time I will feature the accidents I have encountered on my bike rides, till then …