Tuesday, December 06, 2011

emotional fool

girl: I can't believe it, you could not find time to meet me, in spite of we working nearby.
guy: I don't know what to say.
girl: you could not spare time even for a cup of coffee
guy: its not like I did not have time. Its just that going out of the way to do something I don't do.. I ...
girl: we are not strangers, are we?..
guy: no! . its just that  .. uhh.. I am sorry..
girl: sorry! yeah .. right...

guy: (lost in his thoughts)
{how can I tell her that since she got engaged, I have been trying to avoid her. She is somebody else's now. How can I even be friends with her. I feel sad. .... feel like a loser .. loser who did not get love but also lost a friend..   ..  Wait ! I shouldn't feel sad. How much effort did she take to meet me? How many times did she even bother to call or text me? I mean!! shit !! why didn't I propose to her earlier .. shit shit shit !}

girl: hey! what happened? don't think too much about it..

boy: no! yeah!, at least we are here now...meeting finally
(again his mind wanders!)
{but it isn't the same, anyway, I am sure , he is perfect for her, something I could never be. I always knew she was too much for me. No, I mean we are too similar in our likes, but then don't they say, opposites attract..arrrgh! i am such a ..}

girl: yeah, it feels good..
boy: by the way, how is he? is he still working at...
girl: (she interrupts) didn't I tell you? we broke up !
boy: .................

p.s. another attempt at narrative fiction, still working on it..  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.