Friday, November 18, 2011


This is what is referred to as the “Double Bill”. Not in exact terms. But using the theme of mistakes, I have portrayed two distinct thought processes revolving around a similar premise. Ok! I will stop fooling around with words. Just read them.

 “Mistake” Vol. 1  : -


Even after a long time
I still feel  regret
Still feel "what if"
friends say it’s called insecurity

I still don’t know what it means
just like i didn't know back then

All the time that I had you near
It wasn't even one of my fear

It should have been crystal clear
as you now feel dear to me

Should have called you when you needed a talk
Should have walked when you needed a walk

Should have been where you were
waiting and waiting with no sign of me

shouldn't have left you stranded
or ditching you at last moment

But I didn't see it through
Had no knowledge of feelings being true

Should have showed that I did care
of course I am now just too scared

afraid to accept that you are gone
become somebody else's soul mate

I still wait not for you to be back
But for time to heal me through

And I hope I don't repeat
the mistakes that I still rue

even after all this time
as I lie here in my dying time

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Mistake” Vol.2: - 

free me now
   from the love
                 that I felt
                                by mistake
I didn't mean
  to feel love
                that I felt
               by mistake
I didn't know
   that by knowing you
                It would feel
                       like a mistake
Because you don't
   feel love
                the way I do
                                Is it my mistake?