Friday, October 07, 2011

Fussy eater - 1

I am not a person who has too many likes and dislikes in terms of food. At least when I am not home, I am not much fussy. But at home, I tend to nitpick things about food a bit too much at times.
For example, when having a "bhakari"(Indian bread or roti made of either rice, jowar, bajra), only a certain types of veggies/curries go with it. Any kind of leafy vegetable cooked with chilly and onions is better than a curry of large pulses like blackgram etc.
And on the other hand, while having "chapati"(thin Indian bread made of wheat), pulses curries or dry veggies are better.
Having pulan-pori (Chapati with sweet filling) standalone is not a great idea, toping it up with ghee makes it easier, but its better to have it with a spicy curry to offset the sweetness.
And tomatoes are not my exact favorite if they are sour. I know tomatoes are supposed to be a bi tangy, but a bit too much sour puts me off anything.
I think cup cakes and for that matter biscuits are not meant to be eaten dry, as they don't go down the throat smoothly, its always better to dunk them in hot tea of milk.
But then in that case, such a cup of tea or milk should have less sugar in it or else it becomes a over sweet concoction. Give me a plain glass of milk over a sugared one any day, unless you have added childhood favorites like Horlicks.
I have never come around to liking coffee, filter coffee is drinkable, but tea always overrules the caffeine kick.
But then even a spicy pani-puri( a spicy snack) can give a good enough kick. As long as they don't ruin it with too much ragda/boondi (filling used) .. or make the cardinal sin of watery tasting "paani" that is just salty not tasty.
But then one can only enjoy "paani-puri" after snacking on either "sev-puri or bhel-puri". This applies only when you are hungry, but then if you are not, then why are you having anything at all. Because if your hunger is taken care of, you can enjoy "paani-puri" just for the taste attack.
And this is just the beginning of the fussy tale of eating habits.

p.s. please pardon the typo errors