Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movie Review : Kites

Paid Preview of KITES :-

Slow love story with mix of action.

Hrithik Roshan is excellent but at times felt confused about emotions to show.

Barbara is hottest and acted quite competently, at times felt like overdoing "I am sexy latino" thing, but yet nothing you would found too unusual

The villain (Nick Brown) is average/boring. He just makes faces and shouts, no menace, in beginning he does well, then it deteriorates. 

Kabir bedi and Kangana (cutie!!) are wasted.

Not much of a story, and english-spanish dialogues had neither smart one-liners, nor regal romantic quotes.

Chemistry between the leads was there, but yet, something was missing.

In the first half you may think the movie will pick up pace, but the thrill is absent and whatever scope there was for adrenaline has been wasted on excellent cinematography.

A very stylish movie, which fall shorts in other departments, except Hrithik Roshan who was good. But is it enough to carry this movie forward, I doubt.

Hrithik Roshan fans don't miss it, others can watch on TV.