Friday, September 01, 2006

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sleepy thoughts

Sometimes the toughest thing to do, while I am in my office is, not
doing anything at all. Waiting for the next assignment, as I sit at my desktop,
multiple minutes of inactivity bores me to the extent of making me feel sleepy,

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have lost it!!!

I have lost it!!!
No, not my virginity.
I have lost the motivation to write something meaningful.
The reasons are stil unknown.
Its been an eternity since I have posted anything worthwhile here.
I know I could type a few words about
how I go to work and come back.
But that is boring, because from mon-fri, it is the same thing,
go to work! come back!
In between that time, at home,
I workout, watch TV, play PC games, surf the net, tease my sister, eat, sleep,etc,etc.
Still I find something missing, not to forget the large amount of time I loose
tarvelling to my workplace.
Though, its got nothing to do with my work, I am enjoying my job.
It is god's gift to me, I am thankful.
So while I am trying to find that missing element in my life,
I am busy listening to music on my new MP4 player.
It is basically a 1 GB korean iPod knockoff, but who cares, as long as it can store and play about 230-250 songs.(BTW, it has FM, FM & voice recording, image viewer, text viewer).
I am back to reading Indian Express after trying out all other newspapers.
After Indian Express, my favourite would be, Asian Age, followed by Free Press
Journal, DNA and lastly Hindustan Times. Among the magazines, I read science reporter, RSJ(hard to find sometimes!), Man's World, JLT, JAM.
I am planning to subscibe to all of them, instead of picking them off the stalls every month or so.
I have plans to start a comic strip here, but the plan isn't taking off, because of
lack of innovative ideas.