Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hancock movie review

This movie may not have the most brilliant script. But in terms of impact, it makes a very big one.
This movie has it all, great action sequences, cool dialogues, solid acting, charlize theron, and will smith.
Only thing it lacked was a powerful villain, but this movie was never meant to be just a fight between good guys and bad guys.
This movie attempts to humanize the heroes, their emotions, reactions, etc, and this job has been done in a very nice manner.
All in all a action packed movie, with a weird twist, and something different compared to all super hero movies.
Don't miss it, even if you are not a Will Smith fan. Even though he is aging, Will Smith continues to enthrall everyone, to the extent he gets standing ovations from viewers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Review - Love Story 2050

I watched this movie to see how far bollywood has progressed in terms of using heavy special effects(FX) in movies.
And unfortunately I came back disappointed.
Illogical script, stupid dialogues, bad acting marred this film which had decent potential to do well.
Acting was so bad that, OTT acting by Archana Puran Singh felt better than Boman Irani's histrionics.
Mr. Irani was very disappointing, while baweja seems like a hrithik clone sans the acting.
Priyanka was mostly irritating, and there were no steamy scenes to change my opinion.
No powerful villain to save this movie, makes it a very bad movie, still it was better than Nishabd.

Back For You

This is a blog post which should have come long time back.
But being busy with MCA exams meant that it was going to be difficult to post anything.
Now that I am back, I have got loads of stuff to put up, including movie reviews.

Recently I have been fortunate to get acquainted with a sort of super girl.
She is so vastly talented and yet modest about it.
This budding journalist is very proud of her choice of profession and seems destined for a successful career.
And she has one of sweetest smile and deepest eyes that can enchant anyone.

In terms of workplace news, since last week I have been excited to work on new projects.
Its a fresh change and a better challenge, and it would look good on my CV.

One of my coolest friends, Roshan (IT-Superman), Swati and Aalok(Potter Fan) successfully completed their MSC degree's.
Congrats to these masters of science's.

I am undergoing a change of hairstyle.
Those of you see the awesome food/travel show called Highway On My Plate on NDTV-Good Times Channel,
will recognize the long hair and beard style of the two hosts. Well that is the direction that I am moving towards.
Lets see, its a test of patience.

Here it has been raining once in a while. But this while sometimes stretches to a day or two, which is bad since it is monsoon.
And these scarce rains are hampering our trip to a nearest waterfall, since they would not be falling with full force.