Tuesday, April 14, 2009

so little time

So many things going on
and so little time.
Went on a one day trip to Ganpatipule.
In shot the trip was great.
Good Temple
Good Beach
Good Museum Of Konkan History
In all a fun trip!!
Lots of work in office, but enjoying every bit of it.
And I just completed one session of a 3 month long Yoga Class.
Its a sunday-to-sunday deal, for basic yoga.
I have practiced Yoga for three years in School, but after that not much.
One can of course continue the course for two years, to move on to even advanced stages.
So, lets see.
Jenish has got me addicted (nearly!) to this new game on Facebook, called Mafia Wars.
Summer in Mumbai is full-on , which I don't mind too much. But surely in last two weeks of May I am going to get restless for monsoon to arrive. So that I can get myself drenched!!
That's all for now!!!