Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A quickie...again

Arsenal FC wins a game, its not given much importance by media. It is only when they lose that, Arsenal are shown to be in serious trouble. Now they are saying the defense is lacking, but Arsenal is known for its attacking play, so why expect too much from a attack-minded defense. I am not defending Arsenal's poor performance against Hull, my problem is that the blame should lie on lack of goals. Just look at how Arsenal played when they were goal down and scored two goals, complete blitzkrieg kind of attack. Thats is how Arsenal should be playing, score goals more than your opposition and win matches.

Working on new project is really cool, because since last two years I have worked only on one big project, and now in third year I have worked on three different but small projects.

I completely forgot to write review of the hindi horror flick, 1920. Though this movie is not entirely original, whatever is shown is pretty engrossing. You will enjoy it if you like horror movies, even though the movie picks up speed only after the first half. Still it is not like Phoonk, it has all thrills and chills usually associated with horror movies.